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Entries from April 2009

Saturday Spot: Our Virtual Keyhole Garden.

April 26th, 2009 · 8 Comments

This Saturday we are looking at a virtual spot: We are in the planning stages and you will have to watch this project unfold as the weeks and months go by. With the world celebrating Earth Day this past week we got to thinking about gardening and growing a couple of our own vegetables again. […]

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The Week That Was – 43…

April 26th, 2009 · No Comments

The weather is changing and its lovely! I hate it when folk say “We need the rain,” but they do have a point. We need some rain and we had a couple of wet days this week! It is a major adjustment: the mornings and evenings are crisp and cold! And it is time to […]

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Happy Anniversary… and Se7en Wedding Tips!!!

April 25th, 2009 · 30 Comments

Yup, the father person and I have been married 16 years ago today – this is astonishing because I was never getting married I had a career! I remember telling the father person’s father that I was never getting married. He said: “never say never” and a week later I was engaged… Needless to say, […]

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A Penguin Party in Se7en Steps…

April 24th, 2009 · 11 Comments

I mentioned that this Saturday coming is World Penguin Day and that I would post a Penguin Party. This party was a couple of years ago, when Hood #4 turned three. I dredged up the pics and here it comes: A Penguin Party in Se7en Steps… Step 1: Invitation: We printed out the brochures to […]

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Se7en and ProBlogger’s 31-DBBB Part 3…

April 23rd, 2009 · 9 Comments

I mentioned last week that I was participating in the ProBlogger’s 31 DBBB. And since I have made it past halfway I definitely deserve some ice-cream! Here is a list of what I have managed so far: Part 1: Task 1 through Task 3. Part 2: Task 4 through Task 9. And just on the […]

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Colorful Glass Xylophone in Se7en Steps…

April 23rd, 2009 · 8 Comments

So Earth Day arrived and we needed a recycling craft! And a couple of weeks ago we treated the kids to these little Cokes, because they so reminded me of visits to my grandparents when I was a kid… and my grandfather always snuck the kids off to the kitchen for these tiny soda’s that […]

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Se7en Create Bead and Wire Flowers…

April 23rd, 2009 · 18 Comments

We needed to do an Earth Day project and so I looked around for some recycled goodies: Some flexible wire we had lying around and beads from all my little girls broken necklaces and yes the toy necklace elastic never lasts… and we were good to go. Now one thing we have in South Africa […]

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