Basic Window Cookies in Se7en Steps…

Everyone needs a basic cookie recipe stuck in their head that they can just whip together without a blink. This recipe literally takes less than fifteen minutes from start to finish and can be adapted in about a bazillion ways.

Meet the Players:


1 cup sugar
1 nob of butter (100g ish)
1 egg
2 cups of flour
1 small pinch of salt
1 packet of sparkley (hard boiled) sweeties…

Play the Game:

Step 1: Cream the butter and sugar together.


Step 2: Add the egg


Step 3: Beat the 2 cups of flour into it.


Step 4: Roll out your dough on a floured surface and cut the shapes, using the larger cookie cutter.


Step 5: Place the cookies onto the baking tray and then use a smaller cutter and remove the middle of the cookie. Pop a boiled sweet into the hollow.


Step 6: Bake at 180 degrees Celcius for about 10 minutes.

Step 7: Leave the cookies on the tray to cool otherwise they will break as you pop them onto the cooling tray.

I promised quick and easy. Yum, yum you are done.

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