This Week (10th August) at Se7en…

A new week with a whole lot of new days to celebrate.

And these are the days we will be looking at this week:


  • 10 August: Herbet Hoover (1874).
  • IMG_0256

  • 10 August: S’Mores Day.
  • DSC06156

  • 10 August: Construction began on Mt Rushmore (1927).
  • DSC06172

  • 11 August: Play in the Sand Day.
  • DSC06109

  • 12 August: IBM PC Announced.
  • 13 August: Annie Oakley’s Birthday (1860) .
  • 155-5562_IMG

  • 13 August: International Left-Handed Day.
  • 155-5563_IMG

  • 15 August: Julia Child’s Birthday (1912).
  • 155-5571_IMG

  • 15 August: Joke Day.
  • 155-5572_IMG

  • 15 August: Roller Coaster Day (first patented in 1898).
  • THat’s It! Have a Good Week!

    15 Replies to “This Week (10th August) at Se7en…”

    1. I can see that you guys are really going to celebrate August 13th with having soooooo many lefties in the house 🙂


    2. Hi I, Are you kidding!!! With one weird right handed child and all the rest of us left – he has a hard time surviving in a left-handed world!!! You have a great week!!!

    3. What? That’s incredible! Only one right-handed member of the family? That surely must be a record?! And I thought left-handers were in the minority!!!

    4. Hi S – Yup! You try and be right handed in this house and look for a working pair of scissors – hehehhe!!!! It is indeed a mad, mad world!

    5. I’m surprised the righty has not become ambidextrous – I think I would have resolved to that out of sheer frustration.

    6. I adore your CELEBRATION list-of-goodies… wow… who knew having kids would be this much FUN??? I don’t even know what day it is (how sad is that)… I know it’s past the 15th— but still your rollers coaster wonderfulness has me dreaming of fun times!!!!!!

    7. Hi K-M, Glad you liked those roller-coasters! Myself I am not so good at the everydayness of everyday. Which day?!!! But their are a number of eager short people underfoot around here and they keep me out a rut… and my goodness if their is a day to celebrate with a food related item then my name is “mud” if I forget!!! You take care!

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