This Week (10th August) at Se7en…

A new week with a whole lot of new days to celebrate.

And these are the days we will be looking at this week:


  • 10 August: Herbet Hoover (1874).
  • IMG_0256

  • 10 August: S’Mores Day.
  • DSC06156

  • 10 August: Construction began on Mt Rushmore (1927).
  • DSC06172

  • 11 August: Play in the Sand Day.
  • DSC06109

  • 12 August: IBM PC Announced.
  • 13 August: Annie Oakley’s Birthday (1860) .
  • 155-5562_IMG

  • 13 August: International Left-Handed Day.
  • 155-5563_IMG

  • 15 August: Julia Child’s Birthday (1912).
  • 155-5571_IMG

  • 15 August: Joke Day.
  • 155-5572_IMG

  • 15 August: Roller Coaster Day (first patented in 1898).
  • THat’s It! Have a Good Week!

    15 Replies to “This Week (10th August) at Se7en…”

    1. I can see that you guys are really going to celebrate August 13th with having soooooo many lefties in the house ūüôā


    2. Hi I, Are you kidding!!! With one weird right handed child and all the rest of us left – he has a hard time surviving in a left-handed world!!! You have a great week!!!

    3. What? That’s incredible! Only one right-handed member of the family? That surely must be a record?! And I thought left-handers were in the minority!!!

    4. Hi S – Yup! You try and be right handed in this house and look for a working pair of scissors – hehehhe!!!! It is indeed a mad, mad world!

    5. I’m surprised the righty has not become ambidextrous – I think I would have resolved to that out of sheer frustration.

    6. I adore your CELEBRATION list-of-goodies… wow… who knew having kids would be this much FUN??? I don’t even know what day it is (how sad is that)… I know it’s past the 15th— but still your rollers coaster wonderfulness has me dreaming of fun times!!!!!!

    7. Hi K-M, Glad you liked those roller-coasters! Myself I am not so good at the everydayness of everyday. Which day?!!! But their are a number of eager short people underfoot around here and they keep me out a rut… and my goodness if their is a day to celebrate with a food related item then my name is “mud” if I forget!!! You take care!

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