Se7en Plus One is Six…

Se7en + 1 = 6

Hood #8 is six weeks old

He has mastered the stretch




He has mastered the cuddle


He has mastered the hold


He has mastered the hang


He has mastered the gaze


He can gaze


and gaze


and gaze


He is totally loved to bits!

22 Replies to “Se7en Plus One is Six…”

  1. He is so cute. Don’t you just love gazing back into newborn eyes? LaRue is 4 weeks today and so priceless. Isn’t is so much fun to watch the wonder and joy in the slightly bigger one’s faces as they enjoy their new sibling?

  2. Hi K-M, Yup we are totally loving him… I was hoping for some outdoor shots – squirming on a rug, but we have had a solid week of rain and we are SO indoors!!! Have a great day!

  3. Hay R, I find it quite amazing how much the older siblings love and adore him… Where is the rivalry thing?!!! Have a good day!

  4. Your photos are fab! You know what, I think he looks like Hood no 6!! Maybe the big blue eyed stare.

  5. I’ve always been amazed at how different all your children are – in looks (one often sees families with just 2 children who are carbon copies of each other!) but this little guy seems to have a little bit of everybody! He looks so much like no. 6 in that last picture on the right. But before I’ve thought he looks like some of the others – will be interesting to see who he resembles at a year. But I suppose he will be just be his own little self!
    Happy 6 weeks!

  6. Hi D, Nice to hear form you!!! I thought he looked a bit like #4 but he keeps having “face changes” and I guess you are right he will indeed be his own self!!! Have a good day!

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