Se7en + 1 is Ten…

Our glorious bundle of boy is ten whole months old and we are loving him!!!


Gotta just love those chubby cheeks, those endless chins, those starfish hands, those tummy folds, those expressive feet!!!

Se7en of his favorite things:

  1. The stairs – he is obsessed with them.
  2. Standing is his favorite occupation… Like a surfer with the shakes… up, up, up, balance, wobble, down… repeat…and our house is full of the sounds of scraping chairs as he uses them to march about.
  3. His Father person… most of our kids have been a bit older when they start their father passion but he is in full loving swing already!!!
  4. Bananas – there can be no other food on earth… bananananananannanas…
  5. Favorite Game: Just point at him… He thinks it is the biggest joke in the world!!! And boy is his laugh worth it!!!
  6. Wheels… will get him to utter brrrrm, but mostly he chuckles and he has a little growl of approval when things are especially good!!!
  7. Favorite toy: Potatoes… seriously he loves them… he tosses them, he chases them, he hides them, he finds them… he loves them!!!
  8. And the Se7en + 1th thing:

  9. Well he likes all soft toys with very little discernment… but the winner is still his bath towel!!!



Have a Fun Day!!!

10 Replies to “Se7en + 1 is Ten…”

  1. He is a cutie! I can’t believe he’s ten months old already! We are starting school on Monday with ds in core 100 (we did jump him up), ds in core 7, dd and dd in core 3, and dd in core K. Journals, workbooks, and binders are ready. Hope to still go to the pool some to swim. I’m enjoying watching your little guy. Thanks for sharing, Lillian

  2. Thanks Lillian… I hope you have a brilliant first week… Keep in mind that the first day is really just for showing your kids what they do when and where to find stuff and what you expect of them… I used to think we started school the first day and it was always a bit of a shocker – no-one else was mentally ready and they were a bit clueless about my expectations… needless to say this has changed and I know think of day one as “orientation” and I try and do something really fun like bake a cake or whatever.

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