Saturday Spot: Where’s Wally Was All Over Cape Town…

When our readers suggested places that Where’s Wally could go wandering in Cape Town we just couldn’t help ourselves, we took him on a little trip. Now we live in the land of “we don’t often have a working car,” but last week for a couple of days we had a car and we were off…


Top of Table Mountain went to the top of our wish list but we will need to do some training!!! The whole family has never been actually been there, time to get on those walking shoes!!! Though I am not sure who would elect to carry Wally all that way!!!


Se7en + 1 places our readers suggested that we take Where’s Wally:

  1. Long Street… because we love the “vibe-ey” street that runs from the top to the bottom of our city!!!
  2. On the Cobra Ride at Ratanga Junction… We have never even thought of going there before!!!
  3. Red City Tourist Bus… Watch this spot, the father person and I have tickets…
  4. GreenMarket Square… Have to take our kids there this summer!!! It is a Saturday spot you will love!!!
  5. Moullie Point Lighthouse – Got there!!! And a great excuse to pop into our favourite park…
  6. Boulder’s Beach: We love that beach but haven’t been for ages!!!
  7. Rhodes Memorial: Fantastic!!! It is always such a good outing!!!
  8. Kalk Bay Harbor: There is no excuse for not getting Wally to our favourite spot – apart from the hideous traffic situation right now!!!

And we were off…


First stop the ticket office for the red city bus…


And a quick dip at the Aquarium…

Moullie Point Light House…


And that is Signal Hill…

And Robben Island… We didn’t take the trip… frightfully expensive – you have to be a tourist, maybe my kids can swim there when they are a bit older!!!


And Rhodes Memorial…



And well Vida e Cafe… because one must!!! Did you know there was a Vida at Kirstenbosch!!!


So Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens…


And the only place that any one was vaguely curious about us carting a Wally about!!!

And then by popular demand… Chart Farm…


And only one person was shorter than Wally…


And so proud to be along!!!


And someone who was dancing so much with excitement that I couldn’t take a photo…


Then Wally had a rest in the shade…


And home past St James beach…


And finally home… and about three hundred photographs after trying to get eight bouncing kids to get into one spot at the beach… just.not.possible!!!


Hope you enjoyed the ride… We will have to do many more Wally trips!!!

Thanks Pan MacMillan South Africa for the fabulous Where’s Wally Standee and blog prizes, we are loving him!!!

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  1. Hi Anna, We had so much fun, I have a feeling Wally is going to be with us on outings for quite a while!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

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