Se7en’s December and Your Free Printable Calendar…


Hello December and we’ve made a special calendar for you this month… it is an Advent calendar.

se7en-01-Dec-17-December 2017001-1.jpg

You are welcome to either print the first page as our usual calendar and decorate a tree each day for the month of December or you can print both pages and with a craft knife cut along three sides of each window on the first page. Line your pages up and as you open a window each day of the month you will reveal a Nativity scene as December rolls along. To print them out click on the images, they will open in a new tab… choose to print them using “landscape,” it just works better.

se7en-01-Dec-17-December 2017002-2.jpg

Meanwhile here are our links and ideas to add to your calendars and explore during the busy month of December…


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