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Se7en Brilliant Batik Bikes…

July 16th, 2010 · 31 Comments

What with Bastille Day and The Father Person glued to the Tour de France. I must say I just love watching the French country side fly past the bikes and I would love to stop and visit some of their beautiful spots… but the rest of my family are firmly fixated on the bikes!!! Meanwhile I have wanted to do flour batik for the longest time with my kids, so Brilliant Batik Bikes it is…



Let’s Meet The Players:

  • Plain cotton fabric, wash it before you begin else the fabric paint/dye won’t “stick”. (Trust me on this!!!).
  • Plain flour.
  • Water.
  • A Ziplock Bag.
  • Fabric Paints or Dyes.

And Let’s Play The Game:



Step 1: First we washed our fabric. Then we cut it to size and sketched some bikes…


Step 2: Then we made a thick paste from flour and water, about 3 parts flour to one part water.


Step 3: We tried syringes, but the paste was too thick and they were quite tricky for little hands… to get a smooth flow.



Step 4: A cut off ziplock bag, filled with the flour mixture, worked so much better. And we traced over the bikes with the flour mixture.



Step 5: We left the bikes to dry overnight and they were crispy dry. Once they were dry, out came the fabric paints. And we splished and sploshed. And then we waited for the paint to dry completely.



Step 6: Once the paint is dry then you pick the flour mixture off – all of it!!!


Step 7: Then we ironed the bikes to set the paint. You have to heat the fabric paint to set it. And we had a heap of Brilliant Batik Bikes…


And then my friendly seamstress whipped them into cushion covers!!!!


And our entrance way has a new lease on life:



That’s it!!! I don’t know why I took years to do this!!! It turned out to be a really easy project and I am sure we will do it again!!!

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