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Age: 27% between 18-24 years; 34% between 25-34 years

Country: U.S.A.-40%; R.S.A.-30%; U.K.+Canada+Australia-15%

Our blog is read by families from all over the world looking for fun things to do with their kids and family adventures and family activities. They are also looking for parenting and organising tips, recipes, and homeschooling ideas. We see our blog as a Gateway to Africa, with about 60% of our followers from around the world looking for things to do in Cape Town and sunny South Africa. We have a loyal base of followers, that have been following us since we began blogging in 2008, all the while our readership has been steadily growing. Our blog is reader driven answering reader questions about life with a gang of eight kids. We consider our readers to be friends and will never compromise our relationship with them by blogging about products or events, unless we have tried and tested them.

Se7en’s Build a Library Book by Book Project

We firmly believe in volunteering as a way of life, beach cleanups and tree planting are a way of life for us. For a number of years, with the help of our blog followers from around the world, we have created a library for an underprivileged school in the greater Cape Town Community. If you would like to know more about our Build a Library Book by Book Project and how you can help us to create the next library then please feel free to email us.

Brands that We Work With

As a lifestyle blog we work with a number of brands, and we have highlighted some of the brands that we work with here. Our high regard for our audience means that we only blog about brands and products that we have enjoyed ourselves. If you do want to approach us to work with us, please keep in mind that we are a green healthy living family, we love the great outdoors, reading and family fun. We do do a number of GiveAways on our blog, but only when we have been given the product/event to experience ourselves first. I do write commissioned articles and if you are interested in a post from us then do drop us an email. Otherwise I will not accept unsolicited guest posts ever, and neither will I post press releases, or other material that I haven’t written myself. All opinions expressed on this blog are absolutely our own personal opinions. I do blog anonymously, and all my work is done with my nickname se7en, we chose to do that so that our kids will have the smallest digital footprint ever. It is our choice and if you would like to work with us, then we expect that you will respect that.

Brand Ambassador for Sport Science Institute of South Africa


Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Panmacmillan South Africa

Penguin Random House South Africa

Struik Nature

Yuppie Chef

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  1. I think I am a little computer illiterate but I would like to sign up to receive your emails and can’t work out how to do it.

  2. Hay Cara, You are totally not computer illiterate and I will sign you up soonest. I know I need to make it MUCH easier for folk to follow us, let me sign you up this evening and work on an easy follow page this weekend. Thank you so much for the reminder… I really need to get this done!!!

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