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Hi there, this page is to assist visitors to our site who are interested in marketing on our website:

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We are a lifestyle blog, representing all things that you would expect from a green-living, homeschooling family with a passion for hiking and spending time in the great outdoors. We blog about an array of topics including:

  1. We enjoy crafting and creating and we enjoy blogging about projects that we are working on.
  2. As a family of ten, that prepares at least thirty meals a day, we enjoy blogging about the food that we eat, recipes we have tried and new dishes we are trying.
  3. We love the idea of traveling with our kids and blog a lot about being tourists in our own town. We also blog at least two hikes a month.
  4. We love answering reader questions about homeschooling. As homeschoolers we tend towards the project-based, unschooling end of the spectrum, and we are avid users of Sonlight Curriculum.
  5. We are all book lovers… we frequently do book reviews and GiveAways for PanMacmillan South Africa and Penguin Random House South Africa.
  6. We are passionate about green-living and enjoy learning and writing about projects that can make a difference to the world we live in.
  7. We like to use our blog for good and once a year, together with our readers, we create a library for underprivileged children in our region.
  8. And of course we blog about Family life with a gang of kids, ranging from tots to teens. We are Bible believing christians and our posts will reflect a Christian World View.

When we began our blog we had se7en children, hence the name and later our family grew by one and our blog has become known as se7en + 1. We have answered other questions like that in our F.A.Q. post. We do blog anonymously, ever since I began blogging I have been known as se7en and our children are called the se7en hoods. Hood #1 is se7enteen and the youngest Hood #8 is 5 years old.

Statistics via Google Analytics (last 30 days):

Pageviews: 9 106
Sessions: 5 899
Users: 4 205

Twitter Followers: 1 307 followers.
Instagram Followers: 2126 followers.
Pinterest Followers: 25 423 followers.

Our Audience:

We consider our blog to be the Gateway to Africa, local readers love reading about things we have discovered overseas and our overseas followers enjoy reading about life in sunny South Africa. About 20% of our readers are South African, most of our readers are from overseas: the United States (50%), The UK (10%), Canada and Australia (5% each) and a number of readers in other parts of the world too.

Folk that read are blog tend to be families and according to google analytics are audience is evenly split between males and females. They are looking for parenting tips, hiking and the great outdoors, outings, recipes and activities to do with their children either at home or in and around Cape Town. We have a loyal base of followers that have been following us for years, about 30% of our readers return again and again) and our blog readership continues to grow from month to month. Our readers are our reason that our blog exists, we treasure them and consider them our valued friends.

Guidelines for Visitors:

We do write reviews and provide Giveaways of things that we have enjoyed as a family and things that we think our readers would enjoy too. Our blog is reader driven and we believe in putting our readers first. We work hard to draw our readers to our site and we want them to feel welcome here, we will not compromise their loyalty with products that will not provide value to them. For that reason we can only blog about products and places that we have tried ourselves and enjoyed.

As a family we do believe in a good cause and from time to time we will promote a cause or a brand that is promoting a cause, that fits within our family orientated frame-work. We also support a handful of smaller brands that we enjoy as a family, and always disclose in a post if we were gifted with a product for review.

I have written a post about the things that we do not blog about and no longer respond to requests for guest posts/giveaways or reviews for products on that list. This blog is a family friendly blog, my children read it and so do many children, the content reflects things that we find family friendly. If I wouldn’t want my children to see something then I definitely won’t publish it.

Guest Posts:

Our blog is a family blog with posts about the things that we do, we write about our personal experiences, ideas and views, for that reason we are unable to accept guest posts or post press releases for brands or companies.

I may refer to press releases for details but posts are always written in my own voice. I very occasionally do have guest posts on our blog and they are all by invitation only with friends from within our blogging community. I will occasionally write guest posts or articles for others, but that tends to take me away from my first writing-love, which is our personal blog. I will consider writing for close friends, but when writing for other media I expect to be paid a reasonable fee.


If you would like us to review a product then you need to supply us with the item, free of charge. If we find it a good fit for our family we will write a post about it. I cannot guarantee a post, especially if the product is found to be unsuitable.


If you would like us to write a GiveAway on our site then you need to provide us with two of your products one to test and review and another to Giveaway. If it is a good fit then we will agree to a GiveAway. If we agree to the GiveAway then I will provide the supplier with the winners contact details so that the prize can be shipped to them within a reasonable time frame.


We be opening up our website to banner advertising in the near future, if you are interested in advertising on our site and you think that your product closely aligns with our holistic approach to family and kids, then watch this space.

If you are still are interested in making contact with us, then please feel free to contact us.


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  • 2 Cara // Sep 18, 2014 at 5:50 am

    I think I am a little computer illiterate but I would like to sign up to receive your emails and can’t work out how to do it.

  • 3 se7en // Sep 18, 2014 at 6:53 am

    Hay Cara, You are totally not computer illiterate and I will sign you up soonest. I know I need to make it MUCH easier for folk to follow us, let me sign you up this evening and work on an easy follow page this weekend. Thank you so much for the reminder… I really need to get this done!!!

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