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Se7en’s Readers Have Done it Again and Built a Library Book by Book…

July 4th, 2017 · 8 Comments

Our readers have done it again and we can’t thank you all enough for your help and support with our Building a Library Book by Book Project… Huge thank you to all of you who helped and sent in the piles and piles of parcels that just kept on arriving!!! On Tuesday last week we packed all the books into the car, and then called a friend for another car… and then Hood 1 quickly passed his driver’s license, because we needed another car… and then we headed out to our school of the year… Oklahoma Street Primary in Macassar.


The books kept pouring in and our garage was loaded with books… it took a day of sorting and boxing just to get ready and good to go…


First we delivered the books…





What an Exciting Day…


And because the packages arrive slowly and book by book we never really notice how many there are until delivery day…


Then the grown-ups chatted…


And we learnt about the school…


And the kids got to know each other better…


The School Tour…









And those book corner shelves are about to get a boost…


And everyone is saving water!!!


And a proud Headmaster showing us his Hall of Fame…


The Library…

We got to see their brand new library… in our last library post I showed you how they had built a library for the school… and they just need some books to fill it up!!!


And they are going to be needing some more shelves… because we sure did bring enough books to fill this library…



And the Books…




Thank you to our Readers…


Wonderful, beautiful and carefully chosen books just kept on arriving…


se7en-26-Jun-17-IMG_7568-8.jpg se7en-26-Jun-17-IMG_7573-11.jpg se7en-26-Jun-17-IMG_7569-9.jpg se7en-26-Jun-17-IMG_7570-10.jpg se7en-26-Jun-17-IMG_7557-1.jpgse7en-11-Apr-17-429625524_13193189167264714365-1.jpg

Thank you to our Corporate Donors…

Thank you Struik Nature for the fabulous books and the beautiful posters.

Thank you Penguin Random House for the lovely collection of books.

Thank you SanParks Hoerikwagga Group

Thank you to the Cape Explorer Home School Group, Hotel Verde and The Book People

After a lesson at the Hotel Verde, and I blogged about the hotel’s fabulous green-ness recently, the homeschool group was given a gift of an overnight stay… they held a raffle for one lucky winner and with the funds we headed straight for the Book People and bought tons of new books. These guys are great for book sets, fiction and nonfiction, at really reasonable prices. When the Book People heard about our library project they gave us a large discount on the books, just fantastic!!!

And a huge thank you to Supernova Magazine, who supported this project from the start.

se7en-20-Feb-17-Book Giving_2-2.jpg

Se7en's Build a Library Book by Book Project for 2017

And that’s us… until next year, when I am sure we will be asking you for books all over again…

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Se7en + 1 Things to Do at the Into the Jungle Play Zone at Cape Gate…

July 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

And so begins the winter holiday season for school children in Cape Town… and we are going to be blogging about things to see and places to go. While we aren’t taking a break from school right now I always see the school holidays as a good time to take full advantage of all the fun activities for kids, that pop up around town. The first day of the holidays was decidedly wet and rainy and so we headed for the Cape Gate shopping centre to see the Into the Jungle Play Zone for kids…


Let’s start with the facts: From 10h00 till 18h00 each day, R60 per child (age 3-10) per day. There are a couple of activities to play along with… my kids tried everything, and there is something for everyone… arty, energetic, fact finder, or pure play.

Se7en + 1 Things to do at

Cape Gate’s Into the Jungle Play Zone


  1. For the Explorer at Heart: Each little visitor is supplied with an information sheet to fill in… and there are animals scattered throughout the area, with facts about them… when they return with their completed form they are rewarded with a sticker. Plenty of wildlife facts about Panda Bears, Tigers, Rhinoceros and Gorillas…
  2. se7en-02-Jul-17-430519612_14677682524204955833-28

  3. Colouring Corner, a Lego Table and Tablets: Some kids just want home away from home and they have been catered for… there is LEGO, and colouring and a quiet spot for your children to warm up to their surroundings before they get going on their conservation adventure. There are also a couple of tablets available for kids to play with, filled with wild life counting, spelling, reading games.
  4. se7en-02-Jul-17-431837744_5720246475834943234-20 se7en-02-Jul-17-429734009_4192850906090525427-10.jpg

  5. There is 3D-Art: Glue gun Magic that turns into 3-D art to take home… and my kids loved this. It wasn’t as easy as it looks and took a little while for them to figure out how to “drive” the pens, but once they got it there was no looking back… they loved this!!!


  6. VR Goggles: That’s virtual reality for those who don’t know. An Explorer’s Dream Experience. These goggles can transport you straight into a wildlife experience, look around and find your self in the middle of a three dimensional experience. Take a wander through the dessert, the grasslands, the jungle and the tundra.


  7. A Photo Wall: Dressing up available… because some kids, yes that’s mine, love dressing up. And all the animal masks you might need for a wildlife photo opportunity.
  8. se7en-02-Jul-17-430513741_10290068788123111421-24.jpg

  9. Friendly Wild Beasts: Because everybody needs to hug a wild beast from time to time.
  10. se7en-02-Jul-17-430526198_14606955407290861839-33

  11. And a Snack Bar: With fruit juice, crisps and sweeties available.
  12. se7en-02-Jul-17-431816539_3833704282964381920-10.jpg

  13. And of Course a Jumping Castle of Grand Proportions: When it is cold and rainy outside this is hands down my kids favourite way to warm and burn off their energy… quite happy to jump and play for hours on end.

Scroll Through The Photos Below to See All the Fun

Cape Gate

Thank you to Cape Gate Centre for providing us with tickets for the event, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are as usual entirely our own.

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Se7en’s July And Your Free Printable Calendar…

July 2nd, 2017 · No Comments


Can you believe it is July already. Welcome to our calendar post… At the beginning of each month we print out a new calendar, just click on the calendar and it will open in a new window, ready to print (print it using Landscape it just works better). Then we read through the blog post and pick the days that we would like to celebrate. We write those days out onto our calendar and pop the calendar onto the fridge. On the particular date we visit the website and have a look at the links or create a fun post for our blog.

se7en-02-Jul-17-July 2017001-1.jpg

If you would like to now more about how we use our calendar for school as a fabulous resource of famous people and events then do pop over to the Almanac page for an explanation… Meanwhile, we hope you have a jolly July!!!

  • 1 July: Scarecrow Day
  • 1 July: Canada Day
  • 1 July 1863: Battle of Gettysburg (1-3 July 1863).
  • 1 July: International Joke Day
  • 2 July 1900: First Zeppelin Flew (1900).
  • 2 July 1937: Amelia Earhart disappeared (1937).
  • se7en-07-Jun-14-DSC_0754.jpg

  • 3 July 1937: International Plastic Bag Free Day.
  • 4 July 1776: American Day of Independence (1776).
  • 7 July 1883: Pinocchio first printed (1883).
  • 7 July: Macaroni Day.
  • 7 July: Star Festival Day (Japan)
  • 8 July: Liberty Bell Cracks.
  • 9 July: Sugar Cookie Day – Here is a list of our cookie recipes.
  • 10 July: Teddy Bears Picnic Day.
  • 11 July 1899: E.B. White’s Birthday (1899 – 1995).
  • 11 July: SkyLab fell to the Earth.
  • 12 July 1960: Etch a Sketch Introduced.

  • 12 July: Paper Bag Day.
  • 13 July: National French Fry Day (U.S.A).
  • 13 July: Bon fest and Feast of Lanterns (Japan).
  • 13 July: Puzzle Day.
  • 14 July: Bastille Day.
  • 15 July 1954: First Boeing 707.
  • 15 July 1606: Rembrandt Van Rijn’s Birthday (1606 – 1928).
  • 16 July 1969: Apollo 11 lifts off.
  • 16 July 1872: Roald Amundsen born (1872 – 1928).
  • 17 July 1955: Disneyland opened.

  • 18 July 1918: Nelson Mandela’s Birthday.
  • 18 July: Cow Appreciation Day.
  • 18 July: Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10 in the Olympic Games (1976).
  • 18 July: National Ice-Cream Day (U.S.A.).
  • 20 July: Chess Day.
  • 20 July: Ice Cream Soda Day.
  • 20 July 1969: First Moon Landing.
  • 21 July 1899: Ernest Hemingway Birthday (1899 – 1961).
  • 21 July: National Junk Food Day (U.S.A.).
  • 22 July 1284: Pied Piper Arrived in Hamelin.
  • 22 July 1898: Alexander Calder’s Birthday (1898 – 1976).
  • 23 July 1888: Pneumatic Tires Invented.
  • 23 July 1904: Ice Cream Cones Introduced.
  • 23 July: Mosquito Day.
  • 24 July: Celebrate the End of the Tour de France.
  • 24 July 1783: Simon Bolivar’s Birthday.
  • 24 July: Amelia Earhart Birthday
  • 25 July: F.B.I. Created.
  • 27 July 1940: Bugs Bunny Debut (1940).
  • 28 July 1866-1943: Beatrix Potter’s Birthday (1866 – 1943) .
  • 28 July: First Finger Prints.
  • 29 July: Lasagna Day.
  • 29 July 1958: NASA Established (1958).
  • 30 July: Cheese Cake.
  • 30 July 1818: Emily Bronte’s Birthday (1818).
  • 31 July 1965: J.K. Rowling’s Birthday (1965).
  • Hope you have a great July…

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    If I was Heading for GreenPop’s Festival of Action…

    June 27th, 2017 · 2 Comments

    This week Greenpop’s festival of Action event begins in Livingstone in Zambia… it is the event of the year. I would so love to be there… and feel the hot dusty air of the African plain at midday, and meet new folk and tree planters, with a passion for the environment. The festival runs for the next three weeks… look out for them on instagram and instagram stories as they post pictures of this fabulous event every day.

    se7en - 040715 - 0010.jpg

    What to Pack for Zambia

    If I was going to the GreenPop event in Zambia then this what I, the minimalistic packer of all time, would take…

    1. A Blanket: the nights are so much colder than you can imagine. I have fond memories of rolling myself upon my blanket like a cinnamon pancake and then falling over clunk in my tent, until I woke up again early the next morning.
    2. Anti-Mosquito Spray: As soon as dusk arrives, it is time to cover up and make sure you have thoroughly covered yourself in anti-mosquito cream. I never took anti-malarial medication… it wasn’t malaria season. But just as a precaution I made sure I wasn’t bitten by mosquitos.
    3. se7en - 080715 - 0277.jpg

    4. One Change of Clothes is Enough: During the heat of the day, when you return from tree planting it is quite hot enough to quickly hand wash your dirty clothes and hang them out to dry… the warm afternoon breeze will have your wet washing dry by sunset. So a little laundry soap would be a good idea.
    5. se7en - 090715 - 0370.jpg

    6. A Notebook and Pencil: I know you think you are striding out to plant trees, and you think you are going to plant thousands of trees every single day. The truth is that you are going to be planting in a team, and together you are going to plant at about a handful of trees a day and the rest of the time you are going to be learning. Learning about sustainable living, brainstorming solutions to global problems with folk from completely different cultures. Not to mention learning to see the world from a very different perspective to the one you have always held. All that learning and you will want to take notes and keep a journal of all the amazing things that are happening around you… and the wonderful things you will see.
    7. se7en - 080715 - 0258.jpg

    8. A Water bottle: You will be out in the fields in the heat of the day and you will get thirsty… trust me you will be glad of a water bottle.
    9. se7en - 110715 - 0772.jpg

    10. A Little Cash: You really won’t need to a lot of cash, all your meals are well taken care of. You will get the chance to go out for dinner once or twice, and you will want to do a little street shopping and bargaining AND you will want to buy the traditional memento: sheets of beautiful, brightly coloured fabric called shatingis.
    11. se7en - 060715 - 4796.jpg

    12. A Helpful Spirit: The days are extremely hot, the nights are extremely cold… there will be moments of discomfort. You will plant trees and work in the very hot heat of the day and love it and you will want to sit outdoors next to the campfire and glean so much from the fireside stories, even though it is really freezing cold. You will never be asked to do more than you can do, look for every opportunity you can to jump in and lend a hand anywhere, it will make it all lot more fun.
    13. se7en - 040715 - 0019.jpg

    14. An Open Heart: You will be working with all sorts of people, of all ages and cultures, super friendly high energy folk… and it is great, but tiring. There are times to retreat and take a quiet moment… embrace those moments, they are often when you find yourself next to someone in a shady spot, or bouncing along the road in a truck next to someone and getting to know folk one on one can create those life changing friendships that last a lifetime. Like minded friends that have traveled to Zambia, from all over the world, to be there and you will return to your home changed because of them… it is a good thing, embrace the change and get comfortable with it. You will go home and find yourself composting where you never composted before, growing things and recycling things, creating eco-bricks and pushing for a sustainable lifestyle. Somehow it all seems so much easier to try when you know you have a network of friends around the world with similar goals.

    You can read all about my trip to the Zambia Festival of Action with GreenPop, just follow the link…

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    Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #355

    June 25th, 2017 · No Comments

    So mid-winter has passed us by… and I am pleased to see it the world slide back towards our summer again. And my parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary…


    Otherwise, it is official I am am an Ocean Eco-Warrior Kind of a Person… Check out this post on the 2 Oceans Aquarium blog this past week: For the Love of the Ocean…

    Lovely Links from This Week

    1. Such a great post on How to Practice Low Impact Nature Photography on Digital Photography School.
    2. I think I need to make A Small Space Vertical Garden, on A Beautiful Mess.
    3. Looking for fab Kid Reads… Consistently great reviews and ideas on Drawing on Books…
    4. You have to love Alisa Burke for the most inspiring accessible art… and her Creating with a Kid series is darling… check out the most adorable Life Size Self Portrait Ever!!!
    5. Loved this sweet post on Babyccino: Tuesday Tips: some sweet gift ideas for a girl who just got her first period.
    6. Because I am all about sleep… What is Sleep Nonchalance and Why is it a Problem? from the SSISA Website.
    7. And if you need to get away then… you really should be following Under the Sycamore on Instagram and their adventures in China…
    8. se7en-25-Jun-17-plastic-free-july-logo-straight-lge-1.jpg

    9. I am looking forward to Plastic Free July… it is time we committed to bigger changes over here… shopping bags and saying no to packaging and collecting piles of plastic in beach cleanups is where we are at… but we could be doing more.

    A Blast From the Past:


    We Are So Looking Forward To…

    Schools over here will be taking a couple of weeks off for their winter break… and there are so many fun activities around Cape Town to join in… so much to look forward too… Midwinter is definitely not a dull time of year in Cape town at all!!!

    Museum night at the Waterfront looks totally cool… Half price at so many museums, including the Two Oceans Aquarium…


    There is an animal free circus in town… hoorah… and we are hoping to check it out and bring you all the details really soon… Meanwhile check out the website of The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers…


    Cape Gate Shopping Centre has a whole lot of holiday fun lined up for kids…


    And Kirstenbosch is as usual free for school kids over the winter holidays, you only have to pay for the accompanying adults. And the Moyo restaurant has a programme of activities for children enjoying meals at the restaurant.

    That’s us… have a fabulous week!!!


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    Family Fitness and Joining Your Local Parkrun…

    June 23rd, 2017 · 2 Comments

    It is the middle of winter… and it is so cold, the only way I know how to get warm in this weather is to actually just get up and get moving. I have been blogging recently about Se7en Ways to Get Your Kids Moving… and Realistic Sleep, Screen time and Exercise Expectations for our Kids. So one thing that has really worked for our family’s exercise this year has been Parkruns. We actually started them because Hood 4 loves to run, and I love free activities for my kids.


    So way back at the beginning of the year we went, with trepidation for some of us, to our first Park Run, and we have been going every Saturday that we have been able to ever since. I love that you don’t have to go, if we are free we go, but there is no pressure. I love that it starts at eight and we don’t have to get all our kids up in the freezing and the dark… just the freezing right now. And love that it isn’t a competition, you go at your own pace and if that is walking the whole way then that is absolutely fine. The thing is we all started by walking the whole way, but we are slowly but surely getting fitter. And while hood 4 sprints away with glee each week, some of us have gone from walking all the way to walk/running and there are dreams of running the whole way. Otherwise every week, everyone eagerly awaits their email to say if they have managed a PB or not… and oh the rejoicing if someone has improved!!!

    Click on the link to find your nearest Parkrun…

    Parkrun is great, you can find one near you or you can visit one further from home, because they are all over the world; it is at the same time each week so nothing new to remember; it is 5km long, which means you can just walk it and finish in about an hour; it is run entirely by volunteers and it is free; and it is timed… so you can watch your slow and steady improvement as the weeks go by. It has had another knock on effect… the gang quickly realised that running once a week wasn’t going to do the trick and that they had to add in a few extra days of actual walking/running to improve their times. So my kids have started the couch to 5km program and they are very excited about it. Sticking to the schedule like clockwork.


    Now a little while back I attended a workshop at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa… on endurance running for women. I know, how did I get from a 5 km walk/run Parkrun to Endurance Running. Well to be honest, the athlete inside of me cannot sit and watch the Two Oceans go by without thinking “Could I do that one day?” Ridiculous I know, but I could possibly run an entire 5km… and at the beginning of the year I could never have dreamt of running 100m, so it isn’t beyond comprehension that one day I could possibly run a 10 km or a half marathon. Anyway I attended the workshop with an open mind and eager to learn… and I am so glad I did, I was so inspired. The ultimate cool thing about this gym is that everybody is an athlete… and one look at the audience and I knew I wasn’t the only dreamer!!!

    The workshop was split into a number of sessions…

    Running Tips by Andy Bosch

    1. Increase your Distance Gradually: If you are running 50 km or 150km a week you still cannot increase your mileage by more than 10% a week, simply to avoid injury. Decide if you are running for time or distance… slower runners need to train for time and elite runners for distance, simply because elite runners can go so much further over the same time, without injury.
    2. You Need a Long Run: Take your time to build your mileage up and don’t count stoppage time. If you run for an hour, and stop for two ten minute water breaks and a chatter, then that was only a 40 minute run. This run needs to be faster than a snail to count… a little faster than chattering along with a friend pace.
    3. Mix up the Speed of Your Runs: Not all runs have to be fast, there is a time and a place for slow recovery runs. Then again, some long runs need to be at pace.
    4. Speedwork and Hill Sessions: Build these workouts up each week, they will improve your running. Speedwork and hills have been proven to make you stronger and work at improving your running time and time again.
    5. Plyometrics: (I had to look this up!) Plyometrics are short, sharp explosive exercises. And to be sure I don’t do any of those that I know of!!!
    6. Taper for Races: Don’t just take off a couple of days beforehand, because you will feel sluggish. Rather start by cutting out non-essential runs and keep the fast runs.
    7. Rest: You need cycles of hard training followed by a week of easy training. Rest is an essential part of building up your running slowly and progressively. You can’t do everything at once… give yourself a year to make changes and adjustments to your running.
    8. Running Exercises by Chloe Newlands of the Strong 2 Run Programme


      Everyone should do strength training… you don’t have to go to a gym to do it, most of these exercises can be done at home quite easily. And in order to run better you need stronger glutes… you know the place you normally sit upon. Strong glutes will improve your co-ordination, your efficiency and your performance, they will also help you to prevent injuries. Do your strength training as part go your warm up before a run, because afterwards you will always be too tired and not have time for it.

      And the strengthening exercises she most recommends:

      1. Hamstring Curls
      2. The Squat
      3. Crab Walk
      4. Glute Bridge
      5. Plank/Side Plank

      And if you do no other strength exercise… then the one strength exercise to do has to be: The Walking Lunge. That’s it, nuff said.

      Learning How to Eat by Sarah Chantler, from the SSISA dietician team.


      First things first, everyone is different and everyone has to eat what works for them. And otherwise, elite athletes don’t eat what the rest of us eat. You have to learn to eat for your own success and keep it the same for race day. Have a plan for your races and then execute it. Now I know this is not essential for folk like me who are trying to run a 5K, but it was fascinating. In fact, if you are running a half marathon in two hours… then you don’t need to snack at all. If your running goal is part of a weight loss programme then don’t worry to snack, but if you are aiming for a PB, have a little bit of coke towards the end, it will make you feel so much better. Any race over two hours and you have to eat something, and you have to consider the taste and the texture.

      Landie Greyling, Tanith Maxwell, Sarah Chantler

      Now part of why I wanted to attend this event so badly is that Landie Greyling would be there and I am a fan of hers on instagram, she just makes running look so fun. And I got to follow Tanith Maxwell, another one of Cape Town’s elite athletes. They asked them a couple of questions about how they eat on the run…

      When did you realise that you need to eat during a race?

      L: In my first marathon hit the wall from lack of actual food, so I walked last ten km.
      T: I don’t get hungry when I run, I have to train that way. I eat in the first hour so, to sustain myself.

      What do you eat on race days?

      L: Easily digestible food, nothing dry. Something salty at the start, like a marmite sandwich in early stages and later watermelon or an orange for hydration. And finally gels.
      T: Fluid one hundred percent, I have a glucose polymer drink that I drink specific amounts at specific intervals throughout the race.

      Anything unusual or last tips?

      L: If you are running a hundred km race you have to have your bars and gels. Once in a long race there was salty vegetable soup at an aid station and that was the best ever!!! Fruit salad with custard was a disaster, lesson learnt was to keep it simple. Teach your body to eat what you can access in the race place. You should eat every forty five minutes, you won’t to at the start, but you have to. What you eat at the start determines your race outcome. And if you have run 100km then you have totally earned all the Coke your heart desires in the last 5km.
      T: Don’t vary things, find what works and stick with it. Drinks planned for every 5km. If you gets bored with the taste of polymers… then Coke wins. Check the aid stations, if you have special requirements don’t ever leave it to chance.

      What is your favourite cheat meal?
      L: Chocolate milkshake
      T: Pizza

      The Taste Test

      If you normally enjoy real food then real food can work but you have to go forth and try new things… some things you can tolerate while you are running and somethings you can’t. At 35 km your mouth will be fairly dehydrated, so eat at a water station. Also bland food is best, because the further you go the sweeter it gets. We were offered a taste test:


      Dried fruit,tasty but really very chewy, easy to suck… so sweeties like sparkles and jelly babies would work too. The little protein ball had nuts in it and I immediately handed it to the lady next to me… clearly she didn’t have a nut allergy. And the exercise bar was super chewy and tasted really really bland… maybe if I had run 35 km I would have enjoyed it, maybe not!!!

      Huge thanks to The Sport Science Institute of South Africa for the invitation to attend the event. This is not a sponsored post, I was not paid to write it and opinions expressed are as usual my own.

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    Se7en Learns About Tracking With Struik Nature…

    June 21st, 2017 · No Comments

    We recently attended the launch of Struik Nature’s new book, The Tracker Manuel by Alex van den Heever, Renias Mhlongo and Karel Benadie…


    A lot of our hikes take us down the coast to Cape Point and one thing you need to know about hiking at Cape Point is that it is very easy to quickly get off the beaten track and walk along pristine beaches… where tracks and tracking are crystal clear and easy to spot.


    Wide open beaches are filled with treasures: all the bird life, even the biggest birds like ostriches are there, and then buck, small mammals and reptiles. The tracks that stay undisturbed for even longer are on the actual dunes. These photographs tell a much bigger story than, “A few animals were passing by.”


    Recently on a hike we decided to make a plaster cast of a hoof print… plaster casts are in almost every nature study book and they look so easy. But we have never made them before… turns out it really is a fun and easy project to intrigue hikers of all ages!!!

    How to Create a Plaster Cast

    I just added a packet of plaster of paris to my pack, that I got from a local chemist shop, and remembered to take a cup from the recycling, to mix the plaster in, in my pack. When we found a suitable print we stopped for a snack. Before we snacked we mixed the plaster of paris in the cup…


    And carefully poured it into the print…


    And left the plaster of paris to set while we ate our snack and had a bit of a break…


    Once the plaster was set we lifted the print out of the ground…


    A quick dusting off of the excess sand and you are left with a fabulous print to store on the nature shelf.


    The Launch of the Tracker Manual

    The book is the accumulation of years of data, and the collective knowledge of three of South Africa’s foremost trackers. The idea of the book was to gather together a comprehensive guide for tracking students at The Tracker Academy, and a chance to document a guide to the ancient art of tracking. What an incredible book… before reading this book we thought tracking was all about tracks… footprints left by animals in the wild. That is not the case. Tracking is all about every mark and trace that the animal leaves in its day to day life. Being a tracker means being able to recognise the signs around them, but also to follow and trace an animal.

    The book has a wide variety of animal species in it: carnivores, large mammals, antelopes, small mammals, primates, hares and rodents, amphibians and reptiles, birds and insects. Each animal is described in detail, their habits are explained, what they feed on, their droppings, their behaviour, male and female tracks, foreleg and handle tracks, what animals they are similar to, the list goes on. There are loads of photographs and where photographs won’t do, there are illustrations by Simon Bannister. The depth of information on each and every animal in the book is unprecedented… this is a book for animal lovers, especially those that would like to know more about a variety of animals… from lions to ants there is a heap of information on all of them. This book is an incredible read, the ultimate wildlife handbook and one well worth having in your back pack when you are heading out on an adventure.

    Let’s Meet the Authors


    Years and years of accumulated experience, teamed up to create this book…

    se7en-25-May-17-IMG_6146-4.jpg se7en-25-May-17-IMG_6143-3.jpg se7en-25-May-17-IMG_6136-2.jpg

    Alex van den Heever: Founder of the tracker academy, who began this book as a manual for his students and it turned into a detailed labour of love. His passion for his subject, his love of his students and his attention to detail makes this a book one of the best ever wildlife books.

    Renias Mhlongo: Born and grew up in the Kruger National Park, and can this man tell wonderful tales of his adventures out in the veld. He told a story of a lion that visited his village and how one of the locals dashed out to protect his cows in his gumboots, while the whole village stood laughing from a safe distance.

    Karel Benadie: Was born on a day when it snowed in the Karoo. He is one of South Africa’s 21 icons… and you should watch his interesting story here:

    The Tracker Academy

    All the royalties from the book go towards the Tracker Academy, where the authors are from. The Tracker Academy was founded in 2010 and is a school to learn the art of tracking, located in the heart of South African Wildlife.

    Every year, from 300 applications, 16 rural students are given a year of intensive wildlife training… how to interpret what they see and how to guide visitors through the veld, medicinal plants and as well. All of the students are placed in jobs once they graduate, jobs in research, tourism, anti-poaching and such like. Modern conservation efforts require the ancient art of trackers and so by training these young students in tracking skills not only are they preserving this ancient art but they are aiding research and environmental efforts.

    We would like to thank the publishers Struik Nature and Penguin Random House South Africa who supplied us with a copy of the book to review. We were not paid for the review and the opinions expressed in it are as usual, entirely our own.

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