Sunday Snippet: A Rahab GiveAway…

So Hood #4 and I are reading our way through this bible for school:


It’s my fourth time through this book and let’s just say it has never been an easy read! But Hood #4 is loving every second of it and his enthusiasm is contagious. Everyone is listening in!!!

We have got as far as Rahab and he is gripped by it, again and again! The spies, the hiding on the roof, the escape, the amazing conquest, not to mention the dramatic rescue. Oh wow! And I am thinking: “This story was put here just for him!” And Hood #3 pipes up: “I just love it when the girls do something great.” Don’t we all – This story was carefully recounted for her too.


I love Rahab – she is so real. I’ve got a bit of a pet hate about ladies only Bible studies or Ladies morning seminars they are always about the “Proverbs 31 Woman” or “Submission” it’s like the banner of self-improvement movement just slides into our Bible Studies and we are destined to try every new technique as we soldier forth… and fail. But we never seem to gather together and do actual Bible Studies about real people or books from the Bible.

Take a look at Rahab she was such a real person. By our “superior” standards she was a complete failure. She was a woman of disrepute who lied to achieve her goal. And yet for all her failings she is more than mentioned, she is up there with the greats of the Old Testament because of her faith!!! In fact even though she wasn’t even an Israelite she is one of the only three incredible women mentioned in the lineage of Jesus. I don’t know about you but that gives me a bit of hope! I have quite a few failings myself and Rahab was saved by her faith. In fact her whole family was saved on behalf of her faith. She wasn’t trying to improve her personality performance for God or for her neighbors, that I know of. The fact is she knew who He was, she lived under the cloud that the Israelites were coming. She wasn’t rushing around trying to self-improve and look like a better person. She knew exactly who God was and Who to fear. Regardless of her faults she was saved by the grace of God. I for one am thrilled about that!

So in honor of this great woman of the Old Testament, who was key to events in the New Testament we have another GiveAway…


This is a great little book, published by Day One, quick and easy to read. Aha… for frantically busy moms! Chapters are three or four pages long. Each chapter ends with: “For Further Studies” and “To Think About and Discuss Questions.” This book would make a fabulous book for yourself or a Bible Study!!!


This Giveaway is sponsored by Christian Book Discounters again! And thanks to them for supporting us – Who doesn’t love a GiveAway!!!

Leave a comment anytime this week before the close of Friday. I will let you know on Sunday who our great winner is!!! And I should mention don’t be disappointed if I don’t reply to your comments as I usually do because I don’t want to enter myself into the GiveAway and spoil your chances.

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  1. hi there

    (No, I don’t need the book – not a busy mom 🙂 )

    But maybe just a comment on Rahab… I find it amazing that very few people pick up on the fact that she had her home in the very walls of Jericho that fell down at that very time. She really needed to trust the Lord on that one. That takes faith!

  2. I agree that Christian women’s meetings can sometimes re-run the same themes again and again, but I do think that the reason is often because these biblical issues are so seldom dealt with in the larger church context. Men also need to learn about submission etc as it’s not only women who submit! And women also need to get together as women to discuss biblical issues/books other than submission. But if the all-women’s meeting is the only place where there is a chance to discuss these issues, I guess that’s why they are so common.

  3. Yes, I think Rahab would not have been welcome at one of those Bible Studies!

  4. Or she would have left with her tail between her legs feeling utterly disheartened and hopeless.
    Thank GOoDness for grace.
    I also love reading the story of Rahab to my kids, and they enjoy it too!

  5. I’ve actually never been to an all women meeting thingy. I thought maybe I should be doing that kinda thing for ‘support’ or whatever. Maybe I’ll just reread the Rahab story.

    Funny, tho, it seems that it’s the same for the guys at these meetings too. I was chatting to my husband about it. They go to their men’s breakfasts and talk about sex and being better husbands and all wife kinda stuff. They’re watching Fireproof right now, poor guy. He has to zip his mouth regarding the ‘acting’.

    Hilarious guest post by Dr Awesome on SCL about men’s retreats:

  6. Hey mother person ,
    you say, " She wasn’t rushing around trying to self-improve and look like a better person. She knew exactly who God was and Who to fear. Regardless of her faults she was saved by the grace of God." …. if only we as mothers could embrace this fully! Even on a bad hair day.

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