Sunday Snippet: Stop and Look A Day One GiveAway Winner…

Last week in our Sunday Snippet we had a GiveAway and I promised the winners this week.  Here are the prizes…




So with the help of my Sunday Evening team we chose a winner: Firstly we wrote a list of entries on post-it notes:


Less the pingbacks.


Twenty-five entires and twenty-five pick-up snakes:


We tossed the snakes on the table:


And started a frenzy of gathering:


Everyone had a good pile of snakes:


And then there were just two to choose from…. And snake #12 was it:


And #12:


was Cilla: // May 25, 2010 at 1:33 pm These look great!

And as usual I have to thank Christian Book Discounters who kindly supplied the books for this GiveAway…

And I know you are going to ask where to get those “Pick up Snakes.” Well we bought them at the Natural History Museum years ago and I have never seen them anywhere else!!! If I could find them for you on Amazon I would !!!

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  1. Hay Cilla!!! That is indeed you!!! Well done, I have emailed you for your details!!! Have a fun week!!!

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