The Week That Was – 4.5…

What can I say cold and wet and we are a little ummm… house bound…


There were some blue skies…

And a day we were so inspired and hoped it was spring. We were quite wrong of course. It is very definitely winter.

We have had the busiest week of visitors, fun, fun, and then some more fun!!! And the weather warmed up for a couple of days and we had our first little tiddler…

There was also an incident with the geyser… but why discuss it… bleh… Actually everyone was so excited to have an indoor jungle gym!!!

There was cooking…

And more cooking…

Friday night screen time… watching the recording of themselves on TV… we bring new meaning to home video around here!!!

There was the usual arting…


And plenty of self-portraits…




Ummm… that would be self-portraits!!!

Don’t you just love this little “self”!!! This has to be the artwork of the week!!!

And zoobs…

And even a trip to the library…

Best friends and stories and laundry racks…

Books under the drying laundry racks…

And then there was reading…

And our book of the week has to be:

There is so much to love… Anything by Emily Gravett is just fabulous… We recently loved her Blue Chameleon so much that we had to make million chameleons.

This is what the Hoods Got up to:
Hood #1: In a word LEGO, life is actually all about lego…


Weird ships and removable little ships…

Hood #2: All things scientific…

He is designing a computer from scratch… who knew he knew all this stuff, how does he know all this stuff???

Hood #3: Took her loyal fans…

To her first music concert… That was just too short apparently!!!

Hood #4: Caves are apparently better for reading…

Did you see that – he is reading! Thank you Enid Blyton and the Secret Se7en… slow and steady, word of word, he is reading for pleasure!!!

Hood #5: Is literally taking over the kitchen…

He has a new authority the last week or two…

And I can literally send him to make dinner… here’s crumbed chicken, squashed potatoes and salad for ten of us. You could do worse I tell you!!!

Hood #6: Thinks nothing of calling a pigeon out of the sky to show her baby brother…

And she cannot get enough drawing, drawing, drawing…

Hood #7: Just does not feel the cold like the rest of us…

And she spent hours creating the domino man for the bloggers – that would be you all out there…

Hood #8: Grubbing in the garden is about his favorite thing to do right now.

And he has a new word that I am so pleased to announce: “Zeuzzz”… Which is “yes” to you and me… I am not sorry to see “No” lose favor mind you!!! I will miss the “Do you want a nap?” and him running like a superhero with his blanket flying behind him like a stripy cape… leaping into bed shouting “Nooooo” all the way… and off to sleep!!! Because apparently if you can say “Zeuss” you no longer need a daytime nap.

I am not complaining, not one of my other kids ever had a day time nap after their first birthday, I am just a little sad that it is all going so very fast!!! And my mom already wants to know what he wants for his birthday… I have an idea!!!

That’s us… Hope you have a fun week!!!

10 Replies to “The Week That Was – 4.5…”

  1. Such lovely and FUN activities. Those art journals are just priceless! How do you select what to save and what not to save? Everything your kiddos do is so fantastic and creative— it’s gotta be a hard choice. 🙂

  2. Oh KM, The artworks!!! I keep lots for the journals but give heaps away!!! One willing aunt, one willing granny… and so on!!! Somehow giving it away is a lot easier than recycling!!! Hope you are having a great week already!!! Lots of love to you all!!!

  3. My son is not interested in reading himself but has fallen in love with the Secret Seven, but still got me reading to him. I am waiting for the day he picks one up and starts to read it himself. Thanks for the domino man Hood #7

  4. Hay Aunty Muffin, Good to hear from you… Picassos and maybe just a few Dalis as well!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  5. Hay Sam, This guy just hasn’t taken to reading like the others… he loves books, especially facts and he loves being read to so I just keep at it!!! I know it will come and why force it and spoil it!!! So I am chilling along and thrilled that I saw some genuine enthusiasm!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  6. Please let Hood 7 know that we love her domino man. I am forever amazed at Hood 5’s culinary skills. If he doesn’t take it up as a career someday, I will be so surprised. Hope the weather is improving.

  7. Hay Cheryl!!! I will let #7 know she is awesome!!! And I have to say my chef is reaching new eights everyday!!! I have never thought of him doing anything else – but you are so right he could be anything… but he has always thought “Chef” … imagining him with any other job is actually quite amusing but I am going to put it into my head so I am not totally surprised when he decides to be something totally different one day!!! Hope you are having a fun week!!!

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