Se7en Wishes The Crafty Crow Another Brilliant Blogaversary!!!

The Crafty Crow is simply the best for awesome awesome crafts gathered from all over the world wide web… Please pop over and say hello… Surprise her with a heap of visitors, I would love to make her weekend!!!

To our very dearest



We just wanted to wish you a brilliant blog birthday…


We thought we would celebrate by whipping up a crafty crow in se7en + 1 steps:


  1. Gather your gear…
  2. DSC_0118

  3. Fold your card in half and cut out a semi-circle…
  4. DSC_0119

  5. Punch two holes in your card… one for the beak and one for the legs…
  6. DSC_0120

  7. Cut a bit off your pipe cleaner and fold the two pieces in half…
  8. DSC_0124

  9. Thread your pipe cleaner through the punch-homes and give them a twist…
  10. DSC_0125

  11. And twist those feet…
  12. DSC_0127

  13. Snip out a wedge to make a tale and pop an eye onto your bird… googly eye or marker – whatever works!!!
  14. DSC_0129

  15. Use some of your off cut card to make some wings…
  16. DSC_0131

    And your crow is good to go…

    And a crafty celebration would not be complete without an afternoon spent painting – crows of course!!!



    Here’s A Crow filled gallery for you!!!









    An afternoon well spent!!!

    And still my favorite crow of all time:


    We can’t thank you enough for your brilliant blog and all the hard work that you do for children’s crafts all over the world – show casing and inspiring… Wishing you many many more years of brilliant blogging to go!!!

13 Replies to “Se7en Wishes The Crafty Crow Another Brilliant Blogaversary!!!”

  1. Oh my gosh, you are the bright spot in my day!! Thank you so much for remembering and taking the time to create all your wonderful crows! Really, seeing all those sweet faces concentrating on their Crafty Crow art brings tears to my eyes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and big, big hugs all around!!

  2. Hay Cassi, So thrilled to be the bright spot in your day!!! You are simply the best at inspiring us – your work is awesome… my kids are always so thrilled to see their projects on the Crafty Crow… And honestly what could be better than an afternoon just painting pictures for a friend!!! Glad you liked them – hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! Lots of love from all of us again and again!!!

  3. Hay Carolyn!!! How fun that you found the brilliant Crafty Crow through us… I love that!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

  4. Glad you liked them Granny Ant!!! Heaps of Crafty Crows – it was such a fun project!!! Have a great day!!!

  5. Hi Creative Jewish Mom, We just love and adore the Crafty Crow!!! So happy to be part of your link-up!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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