The Week That Was… #207 The Home School Version…

And just like that our weather tree has taken us into February…

se7en - 050215 - 0218.jpg

This was the week that I popped my shoulder and not a lot took place – not a lot of blogging… can’t type, not a lot of reading… can’t hold the book up… and no replying to emails – though I am slowly getting back to them. All in all terribly frustrating and a week of “patience-training” for that person in the world that absolutely hates to sit still…

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Along with the sun, the moon was out.

se7en - 310115 - 0716.jpg

So were we, with a drive in the country. And we spotted some wild beasts…

se7en - 310115 - 0257.jpg

We blogged about se7en + 1 things we would like to try each week this year… and we are popping our 52 Weeks progress into our Week that Was post… accountability and all that…

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Our 52 Week Challenge

  1. Walk of the Week: Pick ‘n Pay Ladies Walk… These cute legs conquered their 5km’s and were ready for more!!!
  2. se7en - 310115 - 0706.jpg

  3. Game of the Week: I thought that this would be fairly easy to achieve a new game each week, but we can’t seem to get beyond the brilliant Spot It!!!
  4. se7en - 040215 - 0819.jpg

  5. My Just Because Book: ‘Cos sometimes you need to crawl back into a child hood classic…
  6. Letter of the Week: Well of surprise of surprises… does it count if we received letters… all our Christmas cards arrived this week… pure loveliness!!! And we got two letter out and a package. Not bad, I am thinking we might be getting into the habit of it!!!
  7. Organizing Project of the Week: I cleaned out all the school stationary… all the tape in one place, all the glue-sticks in one place and after getting all the markers into one place, we tossed all the beyond dry markers and we were left with exactly none… time for some new markers!!!
  8. Recipe of the Week: Hmmmm, nothing again… not exactly a project that is taking off… I have to do this. I really have to do this!!!
  9. Our View from the Deck: This is turning into a bit of “what am I going to photograph today?” vs “Found today’s inspiration!!!”
  10. se7en - 020215 - 0129.jpg

  11. Our Challenge of the Week: We actually have two posts lined up here… maybe we should have a week of challenges!!!


se7en - 030215 - 0188.jpg

We are enjoying this new little visitor…

se7en - 030215 - 0776.jpg

And it is definitely time for us to get up this mountain…

se7en - 300115 - 0234.jpg

Lego rules the world… is the world… a whole new world…

se7en - 030215 - 0809.jpg

And just when I thought that our monthly date night had been cancelled for so many reasons… I was surprised mid-week with a feast…

se7en - 010215 - 0731.jpg

I discovered that there are traffic ones and there are TRAFFIC cones…

se7en - 020215 - 0758.jpg

And this is my gang off to dreamland. With clapping games before bedtime…

se7en - 030215 - 0781.jpg

Very intense clapping games…

se7en - 030215 - 0785.jpg

And then there was the night that everyone was so so tired that a cup of cocoa and collapse into bed was on the menu!!!

se7en - 310115 - 0725

We have been following along and loving Simple HomeSchool’s Day in the Life Posts…

And a Snapshot in Time of a Day in Our Homeschool

Hood #1:

se7en - 260115 - 0147.jpg

Hood #2:

se7en - 260115 - 0150.jpg

Hood #3:

se7en - 151014 - 0363.jpg

Hood #4:

se7en - 270115 - 0156.jpg

Hood #5:

se7en - 270115 - 0633.jpg

Hood #6:

se7en - 270115 - 0635.jpg

Hood #7:

se7en - 091214 - 0088.jpg

Hood #8:

se7en - 301014 - 8376.jpg

That’s us… Hoping you all have the most fantastic week!!!

6 Replies to “The Week That Was… #207 The Home School Version…”

  1. Let’s say nothing about that weather tree, shall we? Although this is the first week of no rain!!!! But we had load-shedding instead 🙁

    Sorry about your shoulder. I’d sit on the couch with a bell and ring it for tea, water, a book, bonbons, etc 🙂

  2. Um… yes Cat, there is that!!! I think I may well have a completely blog free weekend much as it kills me. We have about a million things on next week, so I have to be right as rain… and spend the weekend getting better. I had so many plans for this week and I have totally done nothing at all, which totally isn’t me, but then again, rest is always a good thing. Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Oh Christi, thank you so much for the encouragement… we have some great challenges on the way and we have had fun preparing them… I just have to get them posted. So crazy, but I can’t get to blog right now… hopefully a weekend off will leave me good to go next week. Hope you all have a really great weekend!!!

  4. Oh Marcia, I have sat on the couch – but the bell… not so much!!! And the bonbons, just no!!! We are indeed living in the land of load shedding… it takes a certain amount of planning and figuring things out, but it is a lot easier in the summer time than it will be in the winter. Hope you all have a great weekend and catch up from your hectic week, sending lekker love from Cape Town!!!

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