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Se7en + 1 Hike through the Burn at Cape Point…

October 25th, 2014 · 1 Comment

It’s the weekend, and a good time to be thinking about hiking. Our hike from this past Friday was so great that we actually just can’t wait to share… All our Cape Point hikes begin with a lesson from our fabulous SANParks ranger.

se7en - 171014 - 0455.jpg

This month we went exploring through the fynbos in exactly the same spot that we went wandering last year. The task was to map the area, observing any unusual features…

se7en - 171014 - 0434.jpg

A part of the world where you always have to take a closer look…

se7en - 171014 - 0425.jpg se7en - 171014 - 0439.jpg se7en - 171014 - 0462.jpg se7en - 171014 - 0463.jpg se7en - 171014 - 0493.jpg se7en - 171014 - 0534.jpg

A wander through a dry lake…

se7en - 171014 - 0480.jpg

And who can resist stepping stones…

se7en - 171014 - 0516.jpg

After our class we headed to somewhere that has been peaking our interest since last summer. From time to time during the Autumn prescribed burns are performed in the Table Mountain National Park and we had noticed from observing a previous burn site just how quickly the environment burst back into life… New plants bursting with life attracted lots of wildlife to the area… we have been keen to explore here and hopefully see some wild life…

se7en - 171014 - 8136.jpg

We were on a roll, even remembering to take a photograph before we got going…

se7en - 171014 - 0571.jpg

And for Marcia, who thinks family photos are the easiest thing in the world…

se7en - 171014 - 0566.jpg

It looks like the middle of nowhere…

se7en - 171014 - 0587.jpg

But there are markers all the way…

se7en - 171014 - 0589.jpg

There are signs of life…

se7en - 171014 - 0590.jpg

And then…

se7en - 171014 - 0600.jpg

We spotted these…

se7en - 171014 - 0602.jpg

The streams were dry…

se7en - 171014 - 0609.jpg

The bushes were golden…

se7en - 171014 - 0617.jpg

And the bontebok everywhere…

se7en - 171014 - 0625.jpg

We stopped for lunch…

se7en - 171014 - 0646.jpg

And to look at the view…

se7en - 171014 - 0639.jpg

Then onwards and upwards…

se7en - 171014 - 0680.jpg

And we discovered a fantastic natural playground…

se7en - 171014 - 0727.jpg

With interesting nooks and crannies…

se7en - 171014 - 0712.jpg

Of course we stopped to play…

se7en - 171014 - 0706.jpg

se7en - 171014 - 0697.jpg se7en - 171014 - 0700.jpg

se7en - 171014 - 0759.jpg

se7en - 171014 - 0760.jpg

Who can resist a rock that looks like a pile of pancakes…

se7en - 171014 - 0729.jpg

Or dare I say a turtle…

se7en - 171014 - 0793.jpg

And look back on past hikes, that’s sirkelsvlei in the distance…

se7en - 171014 - 0728.jpg

And when you feel like the rocks are watching you… chances are that they are… from above

se7en - 171014 - 0794.jpg

Wherever we looked… from below…

se7en - 171014 - 0762.jpg

And as we came over the top of the mountain from one side, we met this crowd coming over the mountain from the other side… the surprise was mutual…

se7en - 181014 - 8149.jpg

The ground turned rocky…

se7en - 171014 - 0828.jpg

And the shortest person in our group really really wanted to spot an elephant…

se7en - 171014 - 0837.jpg

Finally we made it to the top… and a howling Cape gale blowing…

se7en - 171014 - 0856.jpg

And a look down on the route that most folk take when they visit the Park… to the light house and back as fast as you can go…

se7en - 171014 - 0898.jpg

We could see our hardest hike in the park… (had I seen this before we may never have attempted it… forget about a contour path, up and down and up and down and up and down over each of those mountains).

se7en - 171014 - 8139.jpg

And a peek at Cape Point…

se7en - 171014 - 0860.jpg

And down again…

se7en - 171014 - 0871.jpg

And all the new green…

se7en - 171014 - 0880.jpg

And there is always one more mountain to climb…

se7en - 171014 - 0865.jpg

And over the top…

se7en - 171014 - 0930.jpg

Well marked all the way…

se7en - 171014 - 0926.jpg

And into the wind…

se7en - 171014 - 0923.jpg

Last rest before the end…

se7en - 171014 - 0931.jpg

And the end of the hike in sight…

se7en - 171014 - 0921.jpg

And these hour markers… well we always take much longer… that may well be because we have to stop and play along the way, but they are good for a guide.

se7en - 171014 - 0965.jpg

And really in the middle of nowhere… your hikes are signposted for you…

se7en - 171014 - 0941.jpg

And waiting for us at, as a reward at the end of the hike…

se7en - 171014 - 0979.jpg

And look again, their is a baby…

se7en - 171014 - 0992.jpg

se7en - 171014 - 0404.jpg

All skittish and fresh…

se7en - 171014 - 0408.jpg se7en - 171014 - 0407.jpg

And carefully hiding away…

se7en - 171014 - 0410.jpg

And that’s us… another hike conquered…

se7en - 171014 - 0989.jpg

Thank you Cape Point… and we will be back next month for another adventure…

Our Collection of Hikes in the Table Mountain National Park

se7en - 171014 - 0926.jpg

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Se7en + 1 Tips for Coping with the Busy Season…

October 24th, 2014 · 2 Comments

The to-ing and fro-ing of house guests around here has been unprecedented lately… we have had friends and visitors from all over the world dropping in, not to mention staying. As one group of friends leaves so another group arrives… this is certainly the season of catching up with folk that we haven’t seen in ages, not to mention meeting folk for the very first time. Crazy-busy doesn’t begin to define what has been going on around here…

se7en - 031014 - 0299.jpg

It has been fun and our kids have had a chance to connect and strengthen friendships, that needed the glue of time spent together, to strengthen the ties that bind. But I wouldn’t have always said that… there was a time when I would have gritted my teeth and hoped that this crazy season would pass. I spotted a quote the other day that really summed it up: It is a case of learning to dance in the rain, rather than waiting for the storm to pass…

se7en - 031014 - 0301.jpg

When I grew up, the busy season meant an extended family function on birthdays or seasonal holidays… we all dreaded them, and the associated invasion of endless ancient second, third, fourth cousins, not to mention very scratchy clothing. Now the busy season means that we have folk over for lunch and dinner almost daily, not to mention breakfast and then a couple of drop in guests thrown into the mix too. I was with a group of friends the other day and there are a few whispers in the air regarding the impending holiday season, and they were met with a unanimous groan. All sorts of end of year things are piling onto the calendar… and it is starting to look just a little overwhelming.

se7en - 031014 - 0393.jpg

So many posts have been written about saying no and setting limits on your time and schedules, but at the end of the day there are still things that have to be done and things that you really actually want to do… I don’t feel bad about cancelling when we have to, but mostly we are busy seeing friends that we want to see or going on outings that we want to go on. I thought I would write this post from the eye of the storm… so to speak, se7en + 1 tips on how to cope with those busy calendars.

How to Survive the Busy Season

  1. You are in the Busy Season Right Now:
  2. A couple of weeks ago I realised that we didn’t have a free Saturday in about forever and I completely choked… until we looked again and saw that it was full of things we really wanted to do and folk we really wanted to see. We are as busy as we are. There is no point in saying to close friends we will catch up when we aren’t so busy… you are always going to be busy and there are always going to be events leaping to our attention. I have a feeling we should maybe give ourselves the chance to embrace time with our friends, rather than resenting “yet another event on the calendar.”

    se7en - 031014 - 0292.jpg

  3. When Busy is Enough:
  4. You really don’t have to say yes to everything. If you take the day off and turn down one or two invitations the end of the world will not come crashing down upon you… chances are your children will not notice the “missed opportunity of yet another outing” and they will still get into college one day (if that is their dream). Chances are the very worst thing that will happen when you take a day off and sneak away for a break, is that you will all feel a bit better for resting up. It appears that a relentless flow of people wind through our house, but there are chunks of time marked on the calendar for, actually nothing. Otherwise figure out what it is that makes you feel grounded and make sure you get that… if you need time in the great outdoors every day then make it happen, grab your morning coffee and drink it outside. If your entire house feels like chaos to you because the kitchen counter is messy… then wipe it. You don’t have to have an entire day off and you don’t have to have your entire house perfect to have visitors flowing through it.

    se7en - 031014 - 0293.jpg

  5. Take Care of the Practical:
  6. Keep things simple is more than an expression… it its a rule of life. There is no point in creating endless elaborate meals for guests and creating more work than is essential. Firstly you will quickly go bankrupt and secondly, folk want to spend time with you. Honestly when folk arrive at lunch time and they join us. I want to be chatting with them and spending time with them, not producing a ten course spectacular. If we are having salad and flat bread then we stick with that. I have a feeling folk are far quicker to accept an invitation if they know that it is really no trouble to have them over. Obviously there is a time for going the very extra mile… but mostly folk are stopping by because they want to spend time with you.

    se7en - 031014 - 0429.jpg

  7. Schedules are a Guide:
  8. In the era of living simply, a smooth and uneventful schedule appears to be the chief aim of many. However, life is just not like that and a tendency to wander off our routines and schedules needn’t throw us into a panic. It is ingrained in us that if our routine wanders off track, then the world is going to come crashing down around us. The truth of the matter is that your routine is a guide and life is going to tug and pull you away from it… if your kids going to bed half an hour later than usual once or twice a week it probably won’t be earth shattering. If they go to bed half an hour later than usual for an entire week, well then you have a new schedule. You can change things up a bit and your children will grow up just fine.

    se7en - 031014 - 0363.jpg

  9. Not Every Day is Monday:
  10. Monday mornings are always a little crazy… so much to do and so little time. With all the extra chores that have built up over the weekend. It often requires a brave warrior person, rather than just a mother person, to face a Monday morning round here. Heaps of visitors daily can leave you collapsing into bed at story time and not surfacing until the morning. Very quickly every morning feels like a Monday morning. The thing is you are part of a team, it is not just you having folk round, it is a family project. The reality is that we keep our house pretty much visitor ready… and while we have a tine for chores, we don’s spend our entire lives devoted to preparing for visitors.

    se7en - 031014 - 0295.jpg

  11. Don’t Just Make Memories:
  12. It is so easy to say we are making memories, and let things go slightly crazy in the name of that. You can still keep your regular routine and be intentional about making fond memories. We really don’t want our kids to be ticking things off the calendar… and saying done, done, done. We can get so caught up in worrying about “the busy things,” like is the bathroom perfect, will dinner be ready on time and oh yes, don’t forget to get the laundry put away. Instead of worrying about perfection, and bedtime… take the time to toast some marshmallows over the fire, slow down and read a story to a heap of little visitors. We want our kids to grow up thinking that opening up our home is a fun way of life, not another invasion they have to endure.

    se7en - 031014 - 0302.jpg

  13. Wait to Worry:
  14. I don’t know about other folk, but I am so quick to start worrying about all the “what if this, then’s…” Don’t even let me get started on all the pre-arranging that goes on in my head. Seriously all that stress can turn a good time catching up with friends into a nightmare. If you could delay your worries by twenty-four hours most of them would just evaporate… learn to let them evaporate now. Honestly, we spend our energy worrying about impending guests – if you need help ask for it, folk love helping. Also, we have a strict policy of leaving guest preparations to the last minute, if twenty folk are coming over and ten of them are under five… then trust me you really don’t have to worry about your house being clean enough… a quick sweep of the floor and and you are ready to go.

    se7en - 031014 - 0301.jpg

    And the se7en + 1th…

  15. When you Really Need a Break:
  16. Sometimes it feel like the stream of events will never end and you really, really need to get off the roller coaster. Firstly give yourself some grace – everybody needs to take breaks and secondly have a plan. If in all the craziness you could actually get an afternoon off, what would you do… chances are you would want to read a book, take a nap or go for an amble. And believe it or not if you have a game plan for the sort of break you are after then when the opportunity arrises you are much more likely to take that break. Take a moment right now, before you are “peopled out,” and figure out how you would like to take a break, that’s your personal escape plan. For ourselves, we recharge with walks beside the sea, it just so happens that we can share this with friends and return home ready for dinner, recharged and good to go another couple of hours before bed.

Before you groan at the thought of all the impending events on your calendar… take a look at them, they may actually be events that you are looking forward too and that you want to be a part of. Don’t feel bad about dropping the things that don’t have to be there for… and instead of dreading what remains, look forward to those memory builders that your family are looking forward too.

se7en - 031014 - 0393.jpg

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When You Live With a Five Year Old Blogger…

October 22nd, 2014 · 8 Comments

When you are the youngest of eight, there is always someone around to keep you company… there are pros and cons to this of course. Just lately we have been in a really busy season and our littlest man has found himself home alone, with all his siblings off on outings or even better out and about with just me… I thought you might like to take a peak into the life of a five year old blogger…

se7en - 211014 - 1172.jpg

Out and About

A trip to the Waterfront is all about the flags…

se7en - 031014 - 7789.jpg

And why are all those kids dressed the same?

se7en - 031014 - 0185.jpg

And did you see this particular flag?

se7en - 031014 - 0221.jpg

And the music… wow… lets just sit and listen…

se7en - 031014 - 0199.jpg

And those flags…

se7en - 031014 - 7813.jpg

And watch that wheel…

se7en - 031014 - 7793.jpg

And oh, he’s gone… (have you ever notices a small door?)…

se7en - 031014 - 0206.jpg

Nope he is back again…

se7en - 031014 - 0211.jpg

And I have climbed that mountain…

se7en - 031014 - 7816.jpg

And I have always wanted to see a real live zebra… (it’s real, but not quite living…)

se7en - 031014 - 0176.jpg

Would you look at ALL those shoes…

se7en - 031014 - 0178.jpg

And I love this music…

se7en - 031014 - 0163.jpg

And there are so many tables to sit at around here… (yup, those are restaurants… if you sit there you have to eat there… insert long discussion here!!!)

se7en - 031014 - 0233.jpg

And is that the same flag that we saw earlier? It sure is… maybe we should take a look at its ship one day…

se7en - 031014 - 0219.jpg

Brilliant Books

And we had to get home and bake… (yes we have some looming cookbook reviews)

se7en - 141014 - 8096.jpg

Meanwhile this weeks library books:

se7en - 141014 - 0281.jpg

I read the Best Lowly Worm Book all the time, whenever I have a moment… but my favourite that has to be read out loud all the time is… (you can’t beat this book for funky rhythm and rhyme!!!):

Something Crafty

All blog posts should have something crafty… and I have been making cakes all week for our cuppaforCANSA…

You will need plasticine, and a box of beads…

se7en - 211014 - 1199.jpg

Roll out a ball of plasticine, so that it looks like a cookie…

se7en - 211014 - 1205.jpg

Press as many colourful beads into your plasticine as you can…

se7en - 211014 - 1209.jpg

And there you go… a heap of cakes just ready for a tea party…

se7en - 211014 - 1213.jpg

Meanwhile, don’t forget to stop by this post and leave a comment and tell us where in the world you live – we really are dying to know!!!

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“Tis the Season for a Cuppa for CANSA… #Se7ensCuppaforCANSA

October 20th, 2014 · 4 Comments

Almost every year, around this time we have held some sort of virtual #CuppaforCANSA tea party. We would love our friends around the world to join us. You are all invited…


It is a big event for us, it is a cause dear to our hearts and one that is easy for the whole family to get involved in. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t been deeply affected, either themselves, their best friend or close family member, by Cancer… We are thrilled to support a cause that uses funds donated to raise awareness, to do research, to promote prevention and to support sufferers.

se7en - 201014 - 1153.jpg

It Is This Easy

A little while back we got our instagram friends to join us for a cup tea each afternoon… I was battling to get the bookshelves sorted so cried out to our instagram friends – a shelf a day and cup of tea and a quick quiet read as a reward. I quickly discovered what a supportive collection of followers we have… So here’s the thing starting tomorrow we will be sharing a cup of tea on our instagram feed each day for the next se7en+1 days… you are welcome to take a picture and load it up and join us… once, twice… Se7en + 1 times… somedays we will have friends over, some days we will bake and some days… well, we will just go with the flow. Everyday we plan to post a photograph on instagram and tag it: #se7ensCuppaforCANSA

Some Very Exciting Tips


Tip #1: If you decide to have a couple of friends over for tea and to donate some funds for a CuppaforCANSA… then LeCreuset has a fantastic Host a #cuppaforCANSA Competition that you will want to enter… The closing date is the 31 October 2014, and you can find all the details here…


Tip #2: And if you feel a need, and we often do, to bake with your cup of tea… then look no further than our friends over at Yuppie Chef, they have a fantastic Baking Challenge happening right now… Remember that Free Baking Class we were raving on about, well bake anything from lesson four, three fool proof cakes to choose from… and it’s Yuppie Chef, you can count on fabulous fabulous prizes for everyone… Yuppie Chef’s Baking Challenge #YCbakingchallenge closes on Sunday 26 October 2014… check out all the details right here.

Everything you Need to Know About Hosting a Tea Party

In a Nutshell

Tell us in the comments if you are going to join us for tea, or days later if you have joined us for tea. If you are on instagram or twitter… and use the hashtag #se7ensCuppaforCancer. If you do join us for tea and would like donate to this cause… click on the box below. Donate away… even the smallest amount is a welcome amount… Join us, and let us know… #se7ensCuppaforCancer

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Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun… #246

October 19th, 2014 · 2 Comments

A Fabulous fun Post filled with links and news… and the father person had tickets to the rugby… a sport like no other… I tell you!!!

se7en - 181014 - 1065.jpg

The crowds spend a lot of time like this, the teams spend a lot of the time like this… the players spend a lot of time collapsed on the ground and being visited by medics…

se7en - 181014 - 1054.jpg

It was a perfect, perfect evening… and a complete change from everyday life…

se7en - 181014 - 8190.jpg

Our Latest GiveAway

Thank you to so many of you who have already told us where you are, we would love to know where in the world our readers are, please click through and leave a comment.

se7en - 151014 - 0317.jpg

Book of the Week

This book has been jammed in our youngest person’s backpack for a little while now. It is part of a series of first facts books published by Ladybird books. I grew up on Ladybird books and I can’t help loving them. The pages are bright and fun to look at, lots of images: photographs and illustrations for curious little people. Each double page spread covers a topic, like a planet or living in space, there are three or four blocks of factual facts. The writing is easy enough to read for a proficient reader, but you are most likely going to be reading this to your avid youngsters. Very fun, very short and sweet… no boring overload here… and the silliest page, a page of jokes, galactic gags… has proved to be the most popular page of all!!!
We received this book from Penguin Books South Africa for review purposes. We were not paid to write this review and the opinions expressed are entirely our own.


Here are some lovely links from this week:

  1. Coolest thing I saw on the internet all week was this LEGO science experiment by Tonya Staab… The will it sink or float test just got a whole lot more fun, because well… LEGO!!!
  2. You will love these Fabulous Foodie Instagrammers in Yuppie Chef’s Spatula Magazine this week. There are so many good reasons to follow fabulous foodies on instagram… just for inspiration!!!
  3. Any inspired artists amongst our readers, I spotted this competition on twitter this week: The Cape Leopard Trust Art Competition. The competition closes on the 27 October 2014… so don’t leave it to long before you get your paints out.
  4. And our friend over at the Crafty Crow sure knows how to make a sweet crafty tutorial: Mini-Milestone Award Ribbons!!!
  5. Here’s a Ted Talk: “Let’s Talk Parenting Taboos” that I enjoyed lately… I loved the “His and Hers: How much do you love them graph…”
  6. And this post: 5 Benefits of Having a Challenging Teen… If you are looking for encouragement, then head over to this post – it is a must read post.
  7. I couldn’t say this any better… from We Are That Family: Dear World: Let’s Stop Giving Our Crap to the Poor.
  8. And the se7en + 1th link:

  9. A Blast From the Past: And here are a couple of links to posts, this week, from previous years:

That’s us… Hope your weekend is a fabulous one and we are so looking forward to another week of blogging with you all…

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Time for a GiveAway… Africa Country Playing Cards from Mapstudio…

October 16th, 2014 · 39 Comments

Some years the focus of your school year can end up far from where you ever thought it would go and this year was one of those years. One trip to the library a couple of months ago and we took out a book on teaching tourism to scholars, it was such an inspiration. That was all we need to get the idea to study a little tourism… glean the landmarks, and the main features of countries around the world. Learning about countries around the world suddenly became learning with a purpose… what if we ever got to go there. Turns out there is a vast difference between learning a couple of facts about a country and planning a visit!!!

se7en - 151014 - 0363.jpg

The last few weeks, we have had heaps of visitors from friends all over Africa, and naturally our focus has turned towards home. A couple of months into our studies and we have figured out how to get from country to country, which sites in Southern Africa are on our must see list, which countries need yellow fever cards and where to find the best markets, game parks and good spots for local adventures. And then Mapstudio asked us to review their Africa Playing Cards and we were all for it and we knew our readers would love them too…

Africa Playing Cards from MapStudio

se7en - 151014 - 0317.jpg

The cards are a deck of regular playing cards and you can play regular card games with them, but each card also comes with a country on it and a couple of fast facts:

  • The location in Africa.
  • The map
  • The flag
  • Area (miles and kilometres)
  • Highest Point
  • Population
  • Capital and Important Cities
  • Currency
  • Main Exports…

se7en - 151014 - 0321.jpg

I think there might have been one or two early risers… trying to master some facts on the quiet…

se7en - 151014 - 0358.jpg

And the most coveted card in the pack… South Africa of course!!!

se7en - 151014 - 0323.jpg

3 Quick Games with Country Cards

se7en - 151014 - 0362.jpg

  1. “And Just Where Are You Going?” Divide the cards amongst the players… and give each player a map of Africa. Take turns… the player whose turn it is gets to give the others clues about the country in their hand… and the first player to get it wins the card. Player with the most cards wins.
  2. se7en - 151014 - 0332.jpg

  3. The Best of the Rest: Divide the cards amongst the players. Each player takes turns to ask for the largest area, the lowest population, the country with the capital earliest or latest in the alphabet… Basically any question that provides a winner. The winner gets the card and ultimately the player with the most card wins.
  4. se7en - 151014 - 0340.jpg se7en - 151014 - 0348.jpg se7en - 151014 - 0352.jpg

  5. Neighbouring States: Divide the cards amongst all the players and the first player puts down a card. Take turns, and if a player has a card that is neighbouring any of the cards on the table they can put a card down (think dominoes)… first player to place all their cards on the table is the winner.
  6. se7en - 161014 - 0398.jpg

The GiveAway

We have two packs of Africa Country Cards to GiveAway to our readers… One to a local reader living in South Africa and one to someone living outside of South Africa.

se7en - 151014 - 0317.jpg

After asking our readers if they prefer “leave a comment” or “rafflecopter” GiveAways last week, it was pretty unanimous…our readers like to leave comments… So now we would love lots and lots of comments from you all: Leave a comment and tell us where you are… We really want to know and would love to put a pin on our map wherever our readers are… If you can be precise and tell us the state and town that would be great… Please help us cover our map in pins!!!

se7en - 151014 - 0317.jpg

This GiveAway works in the usual way, leave a comment before the end of 24 October, 2014. We will draw and publish the winners in the Fabulous Friday Fun Post after that. I won’t respond to your comments as we do on our other posts because we don’t want to be included in our own giveaway. Our GiveAways are open to everyone: If you have won a GiveAway before never fear – enter away. If you live on the far side of the world – enter away. Postage takes forever from here but eventually it should get to you! Good luck and happy commenting!!!

We would like to thank MapStudio who supplied us with three packs of cards, one to review and two to GiveAway. We were not paid for the review and the opinions expressed in it are as usual, entirely our own.

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The Ins and Outs of Teen Reads Right Now…

October 15th, 2014 · 6 Comments

Guest Posting at PanMacmillan South Africa this week: All about Young Adult Literature: The inside scoop on what’s out there for young adults…

se7en - 151014 -_.jpg

Here’s the start…

In a world where marketers are trying to separate adults, young adults, teens and tweens into different categories, and so expand their market, a glance at the young adult section in a book shop can leave you feeling a little apprehensive.  The current reads appear to be dark, dystopian, and well, depressing. And as a genre they tend to be filled with paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, mythology and people with “out-of-this world” qualities… literally. Our young adults are living between the pages of the under-world, where a resetting of the brain, not to mention higher superior or automated beings running the show, are quite normal. This world is nothing like the world that they live in, and provides an escape from the reality and pressures of real life.

It is a mistake to think that young adults don’t enjoy reading, they definitely do… read on, read on.

Our Favourite Contemporary Teen/Young Adult Reads

I thought I could quickly compile a list of our favourite teen reads, but as I asked my kids which young adult books they had enjoyed the list literally exploded… so here are some of their faves right now, I am sure this list will grow…

  1. About Real Life: We loved this book… a very grumpy and elderly Frank Derrick has the young and inspired district nurse to thank for a whole new attitude and look at life. Such a great read.
  2. Sweet Love: Set in the 1920’s in Southern England… Four sisters grow up and come of age… these are just lovely through and through. Books you want to climb into and live alongside the characters…
  3. Reads like a Diary: This is the story of Liv, who is the younger responsible sister of a brother with Asperger’s Syndrome. If that isn’t enough it is their journey of her mom’s battle with cancer… it is sad you will need tissues… but so beautifully written through the eyes of an eleven year old. This is on my “teens must read this book list.”
  4. History: Don’t be put off by the title, and the first chapter is a little grim as it mentions heads rolling… but read on, read on… this is a book all about friendship… endearing and enduring, it is a fabulous read set in the time of Henry VIII.
  5. Historical Coming of Age: Well Michael Morpugo and you can’t go wrong… he slides just as easily into beautiful poignant teen reads as his books for younger readers. It is the story of a boy sent to Australia, just after World War II. Heart-wrenching, of course… and beautiful.
  6. Life Goes on in the Heart of War: When my kids were tiny we read all of Shirley Hughes “Alfie books” again and again and again… well this is her writing a teen read and it is exceptional. Set in Italy, during World War II… the resistance, the Italians and the Germans are the big picture… but the “smaller story” of thirteen year old Paolo on his bicycle and his aloof older sister, Constnaza’s first love. Very sweet… just a lovely read.
  7. War Stories: Sam Angus’ books are so beautifully written… we read them as family read-a-louds. My younger kids love them, but the teens really get them. The emotional stirring and the nuances of relationships during war time… these are gripping must reads and if your kids haven’t read them by high school then get them. The sort of books that take you through the highs and lows of life and leave you all the richer for it.
  8. Awesome Adventure: For the reader who is ready to lurch in to more exciting and just deeper adventure stories than the masses of series of adventure books written for kids… look no further, these books are it. Gripping, exciting, twisting, turning and heaps to learn, with heaps of fold outs and little bits and pieces hidden between the covers.
  9. Fantastical Reads: Francis Hardinge is right there in my kids’ top read list… the books use wonderful words, wonderful places, wonderful characters… everything is vibrant and intense, richer and well just more. Just the incredible imagination and the intense use of creativity will leave you turnig the pages faster and faster…
  10. A Mermaid Mystery Series: This series has just begun and you are going to have to wait for the rest of it. I never thought this topic would fly, let’s face it – a mermaid mystery sounds just a little bit twee… but this book was literally inhaled, and a very good read.
  11. Dystopian: In a not too futuristic culture where it is quite normal for a brain has been erased, Kyla has to relearn everything over again from scratch. Only she remembers snippets… and she just won’t back down… feisty must reads… could not put these down.
  12. Dragon Saga: If you haven’t read Eragon and the following saga… then book yourself off a weekend and dive in. Great fat books that you have to read in a sitting… compelling don’t begin to describe them. I have no words, other than read them!!!
  13. True Love in France: I read these books because I already followed the authors blog and loved her writing… Seriously you can’t go wrong with a love story in France, for older readers, but there isn’t anything untoward. There is a twist of course… the heroine is sweet and lovely and swept off her feet and the hero… a time traveller, from a long line of immortals who fight against good and evil through the ages and slip in and out of our reality with ease. These are just fun reads… with adventure for adventure seekers, with a spattering of history, and of course romance for the intrepid romantics.
  14. Survival: These books aren’t for everyone… but they are a fast and furious read. I read them myself to see what they hype was all about… a vicious, cruel world that the more sensitive reader might not want to venture into… but they are gripping. You so want Katniss to make it through all the trials and tribulations.
  15. Time Travel: Well spies and mystery and adventure… with time travelling thrown in and written by one of the most gripping young adult writers, clearly a series that is a winner.
  16. Spies, Spies, Spies: Anthony Horowitz is so good… you just can’t go wrong.
  17. Spies: Robert Muchamore and his teen spy series, Cherub… British Intelligence with “innocent” looking teens as the heroes… there are tons of these and the second series has begun…
  18. Reality TV: This book is about a reality tv show… it is also packed with heaps of issues that teens encounter, no such thing as a uncomplicated competitor. This isn’t for tweens and younger teens, a book that raises heaps of issues like eating disorders, self harm, drugs and so on, it is a good opener for lots of discussion. By Robert Muchamore has to be a pretty good read.
  19. And a Classic: Never forget the classics… really really great reading that has stood the test of time.

We could go on and on… one of those open ended posts that should be revisited and updated from time to time… because new books keep on getting published and new books continue to emerge as firm favourites. The point is, don’t discount the teen section of your local bookstore… it is packed with really good reads… linger a little, you are sure to find something brilliant that you won’t be able to put down.

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