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Another Fabulous Factual GiveAway from @MapStudio…

November 26th, 2014 · 10 Comments

Another week and another GiveAway… This is our final GiveAway for the month of November after a month jam-packed with GiveAways… our previous MapStudio GiveAway: Coffee Culture is closed and you can look forward to the the results being published over the weekend. Our Justin Bonello GiveAway is still going strong… if you want to know all about the Karoo then pop over and enter that GiveAway too. Meanwhile this weeks GiveAway is What the Fact: 100s of useful facts everyone wants to know by from the MapStudio Team.

se7en - 241114 - 0482.jpg

So here is a book that is packed with the most incredible facts… facts, facts, facts… pages and pages of the most amazing facts. This book is divided into twelve chapters… ranging from people, geography, the environment… business and technology, food and drink an even mysteries. Pages and pages of interesting goodies presented in easy to read blocks, lists, charts, maps and infographics. World facts and local facts…

se7en - 241114 - 0484.jpg

Famous South Africans, Nobel Prize winners… famous authors. Unique things about South Africa, and the world… World Heritage sites in South Africa, and then in the world; Fastest growing cities in Africa, and fastest growing cities in the world; Strangest town names in South Africa and strangest town names in the world. Famous South African battle sites, and famous battle sites in the world… strange and unusual South African food and beverages; famous unsolved mysteries here and abroad.

se7en - 241114 - 0485.jpg

I have to say that some of the facts take this book out of the “kid category” into the “teen category.” My kids would probably be a little concerned about ghostly encounters and notorious criminals. That being said… this is a great read for teens and up and because it has a working index it makes a good reference guide too. Strange and unusual facts and heaps of snippets to broaden your general knowledge, not to mention great conversation starters…

The GiveAway

We have two copies of What the Fact to GiveAway to our readers a copy for a reader in South Africa and one abroad…

se7en - 241114 - 0489.jpg

We love it when our readers leave us comments, so to enter… leave us a comment: Tell us if you are reading our blog from South Africa or from anywhere else in the world.


This GiveAway works in the usual way, leave a comment before the end of Sunday, 30 November 2014. We will draw and publish the winners after that. I won’t respond to your comments as we do on our other posts because we don’t want to be included in our own giveaway. Our GiveAways are open to everyone: If you have won a GiveAway before never fear – enter away. If you live on the far side of the world – enter away. Postage takes forever from here but eventually it should get to you! Good luck and happy commenting!!!

We would like to thank MapStudio who supplied us with a copy of this book to review and two copies to GiveAway. We were not paid for the review and the opinions expressed in it are as usual, entirely our own.

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Another Cape Point Hike: The Shipwreck Trail and Beyond…

November 26th, 2014 · 2 Comments

This past Friday was a day out for us at Cape Point, turns out we just can’t get enough of exploring this place… As usual our morning began with some time spent with our incredible ranger and creating our own spotter’s guides…

se7en - 211114 - 0124.jpg

Creating our own Spotter’s Guides.

se7en - 211114 - 0090.jpg

To create a guide book you need to do a little research first…

se7en - 211114 - 0034.jpg

So we had a close up look at local plants…

se7en - 211114 - 0060.jpg

Birds… of the ostrich variety…

se7en - 211114 - 0097.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0109.jpg

And reptiles…

se7en - 211114 - 0086.jpg

And mammals…

se7en - 211114 - 0116.jpg

And of course the baboons…

se7en - 211114 - 0093.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0077.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0080.jpg

On to the Hike

Always our main purpose for visiting the park is a hike and a bit of adventure exploring, this month we we started out eagerly on the Shipwreck Trail at Olifantsbos and then kept on heading south until we reached GifKommetjie.

se7en - 211114 - 0122.jpg

The first forty five minutes was pretty easy walking…

se7en - 211114 - 0137.jpg

Ambling along the beach to the point…

se7en - 211114 - 0143.jpg

The only difficulty at this stage was hiking through soft sand can get a little well tiresome…

se7en - 211114 - 0167.jpg

But as soon as we started to see traces of shipwrecks our curious spirits were lifted…

se7en - 211114 - 0152.jpg

As we reached the point we discovered why this part of the hike is called the Shipwreck Trail…

se7en - 211114 - 0185.jpg

The Beach of Wrecks

se7en - 211114 - 0211.jpg

One of us was hoping to find treasure…

se7en - 211114 - 0178.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0249.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0263.jpg

Not to mention birds galore…

se7en - 211114 - 0199.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0217.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0264.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0270.jpg

And skeletons of all shapes and sizes…

se7en - 211114 - 0257.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0182.jpg

Overlooking this part of the hike is an old navy look out that we spotted in our very first Cape Point Hike, the Sirkelsvlei route, about a year ago…

se7en - 211114 - 0209.jpg

A walk out to the wrecks is a perfectly doable and fun hike for a family with a range of athletic abilities… be fairly careful to choose a wind free day.

se7en - 211114 - 0240.jpg

We looked for a sheltering rock to have our lunch and then we began our journey refreshed…

se7en - 211114 - 0220.jpg

Treasures in the Sand

We continued to head south along the beach towards Gifkommetjie… spurred on by treasures in the sand…

se7en - 211114 - 0246.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0252.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0171.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0318.jpg

Some of the treasures were running around on two legs… if you stand very still you will spot them dashing about…

se7en - 211114 - 0234.jpg

And we were very excited to find this untouchable treasure… we quickly moved on, not wanting to disturb the parents.

se7en - 211114 - 0206.jpg

On and On…

It did become apparent that this was one beach hike that was going to be harder than we expected… between rock hopping

se7en - 211114 - 0237.jpg

And vast tracts of sand…

se7en - 211114 - 0356.jpg

It wasn’t so much the endless sand but it was a very windy day and the sand blasting was relentless… and then rocky shores…

se7en - 211114 - 0277.jpg

And did I mention the blasting wind…

se7en - 211114 - 0361.jpg

Some of us were caught by a wave…

se7en - 211114 - 0322.jpg

Others were quite happy to make use of the play things that presented themselves on the beach and to stomp on…

se7en - 211114 - 0366.jpg

It was hard work… this was definitely training our hearts and minds for future things!!!

se7en - 211114 - 0353.jpg

And any distractions from the sand blasting were good to distractions…

se7en - 211114 - 0339.jpg

Though I must say we didn’t expect to find a tortoise on the beach…

se7en - 211114 - 0334.jpg

There is a secret to walking sandy beaches… try and find the hard sand… so we look for the buck footprints and trail them…

se7en - 211114 - 0291.jpg

Not only do the prints show you the way to go but they often leads to…


se7en - 211114 - 0311.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0299.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0305.jpg

We knew that when we reached this last bit of wreck we were nearing the end… and we were really looking forward to the end at this stage…

se7en - 211114 - 0383.jpg

The Last Stretch

And I am not sure who was more surprised to see each other…

se7en - 211114 - 0395.jpg

Just a few more sites to see as we wandered along the base of the ridge…

se7en - 211114 - 0401.jpg

The roar of the ocean drowned out the sound of the plane until it was right upon us…

se7en - 211114 - 0406.jpg

Nearly, nearly there…

se7en - 211114 - 0416.jpg

se7en - 211114 - 0423.jpg

Friends to welcome us at the finish… and a little sand frog.

se7en - 211114 - 0436.jpg

But the End that Wasn’t the End…

We all forgot about the steep climb up to the look out at Gifkommetjie right at the end of our very long march down the beach, everyone was tired and we could have done with an elevator at this stage…

se7en - 211114 - 0441.jpg

Steep indeed and we were all so tired… but when you think you cannot do another step, somehow you always manage too…

se7en - 211114 - 0442.jpg

Totally worth the view at the end of a long day…

se7en - 211114 - 0439.jpg

And that’s us… another very blustery hike under our belts.

se7en - 211114 - 0431.jpg

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When You Lose a Love, A Whole Year On…

November 25th, 2014 · 29 Comments

This is not one of our usual posts and it is a sad one. If you aren’t up to it then move along, our regular blogging will resume. But over here we do blog about our “life and times” and sometimes life is sad. I really needed to write about this before time passes and I lose momentum… I wrote this post for two kinds of readers – those who have friends that lose a baby during pregnancy and you would like to support them, and especially those who have lost a baby and are looking for folk who have been through the same.

se7en - 211114 - 0372.jpg

It has been a year, a whole year, since we lost our babe way too soon. I thought I would blog about it, not to harbour on and on about it, but so that women who go through this experience will realise that there are all sorts of normal and all sorts of ways that folk feel this kind of loss. I have to say that my life has changed. Others not so much – and that is to be expected. My days look just the same… heaps of laundry and dozens of dishes. But my heart, has been re-arranged forever.

se7en - 211114 - 0374.jpg

For the longest time I thought I would never breathe again… but here I am breathing. It took me a fair while to appreciate the short time we had with that little babe, rather than just being devastated at the loss of all that might have been. The longest time. It was only around the time that our little one would have been born when we had a family celebration of sorts, for the little sibling, that our older children had never met, that I started to feel that I would be okay again, eventually.

se7en - 211114 - 0373.jpg

I have spoken to so many women this past year who have been through similar experiences, who have quietly and gently told me that they have had the same experience, that I realised just how normal this totally not-normal experience is. Women that lost babies years and years ago have tears streaming down their cheeks as they share with me. Oh the pain that folk are walking around with. I am blessed by a community of loving supporters and yet I have never felt quite so alone. In my head I can understand that this is a common enough pain and lets face it there are folk around me who have suffered so much more than I have.

se7en - 211114 - 0375.jpg

I don’t really know what I was expecting on the anniversary. I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone else to be aware of it, and I thought it would be a day where we would just have our regular day and that perhaps I would feel a little downhearted. Really, I thought the day would pass like any other. It didn’t. I was overcome with a deep sadness that seems to have settled under my skin for evermore. I am fine really – don’t for a moment think there is no joy in my life and that I am miserable at every turn. But there are unexpected things that trigger the pain… and when I least it expect it that silent sadness that has so carefully been buried beneath the surface literally lurches forth and engulfs me.

se7en - 211114 - 0377.jpg

While I know I am part of a vast and silent sisterhood, who have lost unborn babes… I also don’t know what to expect. Nobody talks about it. I am so blessed that so many friends have shared that they have been through the same, but their the conversation staggers to a halt as we sit in silence or change the subject. Really what is there to say, there are no words to describe a hidden ache. And to be honest I just don’t know what to say – I can be very factual, I can be breezy… but this is one place where I just don’t know myself well enough to be myself.

se7en - 211114 - 0382.jpg

Se7en + 1 Things I have Learnt This Past Year

  1. This is a Lonely Road: Not for lack of company, you only have to go through losing a babe to realise how many of your friends, who are able enough to tell you, have been through it. Honestly nobody talks about it. I think it is lonely because I don’t trust myself to just talk about it… I do not have the right words. In fact I have learnt that for some things there are no words.
  2. It is easier to write than to speak: I know that there are friends who love me dearly, who will read this and think, “I had no idea” and for those friends, I really don’t expect you to know what is on my heart, I hardly know it myself – how on earth can I expect others around me to know how I feel.
  3. I am gentler on myself: I have learnt that I have a limit and there are some things that I just cannot push through. I am very much a getting things done kind of gal, but for this event I have had to be patient and wait for the journey to unravel itself. For previous aches and pains in my life, and like all of us, I have had my share… this is the first time that I couldn’t just say to myself, “time to move on.” There is a fine line between burying something so deep that it cannot hurt and not wanting to forget, or tarnish the memory of them. I don’t want to forget our little person, I cannot bury this memory, so I have had to ride the wave of it. It has been hard, often unbearably hard but I am not sorry, who would want the loss of a child to be easy.
  4. I am Gentler on Others: Folk assume a lot about other folk and they say the most amazing things… I find it very hard when folk ask us if we are we having another child… they can be so relentless. And when they say, “When is Hood #9 going to arrive?” I inwardly just crumble, but harsh as folk can be I have never been able to say… “Well, we lost our little #9.” Somehow to say it outloud feels like such a betrayal… and while it would surely stop them in their tracks it would break my heart at the same time.
  5. I Have Found my Friends and I Have Learnt to ask for Help: I am possibly the worst person in the world to ask for help… ever. I always imagine that I can make a plan, adapt, change my expectations, make things work. That has all changed. I admit I am really not very good at asking for help, much as I love and adore friends that ask me for help. I have learned to ask, to speak up when I just need some support or when I just can’t reach the expectations that float around me. Because my goodness there are days when all I can do is show up. Gone are the days, when I can quickly bake something or meet folk for a picnic in ten minutes… I am really in the season of “you will see me when you see me.”
  6. Treasure the Time Together with Your Loved Ones and I Fight a Lot Harder for the Things that Matter: Intellectually I know this, but now there is a deeper understanding that my time with our kids is surely fleeting, dashing past and just not worth wasting. Chores and sibling squabbles can really wait, I don’t have the energy to spend on them. Honestly, I give up a lot quicker on the things that don’t matter, than I used to. We have really spent a lot more time on making memories together, this past year: going for ambles, reading lots more books together. Creating time that sticks us together. This is our here and now and we need to cherish this time.
  7. I Assume so Much Less: It has been a year, I cannot expect folk to even give it a passing thought, why would they. But I find folk that know the road we have traveled still squirm when one of us mentions it, “Surely we have forgotten and moved on by now.” Well actually we haven’t forgotten and we aren’t about to either. While other folk might assume how I am feeling, I am no longer in that place where I can assume how my friends are feeling about things. They may not be thrilled at their new house and sudden move, they may not be thrilled at their career change – I no longer assume and I ask a lot more, “How do you feel about that?”
  8. And the se7en + 1th…

  9. Seasons Come and Seasons Go: For others the pain is somewhat removed. For me it is a physical pain reflected in the seasons, I feel the mood of my year swing according to it. I am okay with that. Sometimes I am content to not find a smile – it is okay really. This isn’t a little thing to just forget about and move on. For me this was huge… I carry it with me, a badge that no-one else can see, even if I think they can.

A trouble shared is a trouble halved, and I hope someone reading this post in the future will recognise a part of themselves in it and find comfort. While gals do get together and talk about their day to day aches and pains… we definitely do not talk about the loss of our babies. But you are not alone and the path you are traveling on is an age old one… I draw comfort from that, and to the many that have been before me, who have held out their hands and said “I have been there too,” I salute you.

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Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #252

November 23rd, 2014 · 6 Comments

A Friday Fun Post… on a Saturday… this week was somewhat overwhelming for a lot of us, what with a fire right above our house…

se7en - 231114 -_.jpg

So we took a day off… a mini-break and headed for the great outdoors.

se7en - 211114 - 0220.jpg

I hike that turned out to be quite a bit harder than we all expected and exactly what we needed…

se7en - 211114 - 0167.jpg

GiveAways… We would love you to Enter!!!

It is GiveAway season over here… heaps of GiveAways over the next couple of weeks!!! Click on the images to enter and win these fabulous books…

se7en - 181114 - 0516.jpg

se7en - 201114 - 0086.jpg

Book of the Week

Lawrence in Arabia, by Scott Anderson and published by Penguin Books South Africa. I have fond memories of sitting with my mum, during varsity vac, eating bowls of olives and watching the epic classic: Lawrence of Arabia. And we have been reading about and researching life during World War 1 for school this year. So, when I saw Lawrence in Arabia on our book review list I was really eager to read it. Just as the movie was long, this book is a long read, just over 500 pages of dense writing, more of an academic read than I was expecting. There are literally dozens of footnotes and references, and an extensive biography… the author has clearly done a lot of extensive research, and yet it is very readable and you will find yourself reading just one more page and whiling away great chunks of time in an effort to find out the story behind the story we have been led to believe..

If you have even the slightest interest in military history, the great war or the turn of events in the last century that led to where we are today… then this is a book that you will enjoy reading. It provides the story behind the obvious story… who trusted who, and who didn’t, which secrets led to other secrets and all the while people with real lives… living through desperate times. You will find yourself watching a political thriller unravel as you read, and like any great political intrigue you will read on and on hoping for a happy ending… but this is not a novel. I found myself saying “oh wow” and a number of variations of that, many times as I read. Clearly you can make plans and plans were made, but you cannot predict the frailty of men and the decisions that individuals will make and the domino effect they will have. not just on their lives, but on society as a whole and nations down the paths of time.

Unlike the movie there is not a whole lot of marching through the desert. The author opens up the world of T.E. Lawrence by looking at the people around him. The truth is if you want to know somebody then get to know their friends and family. Honestly, when you read books like these and the factors that contribute to who and what a man becomes and when all those men are put together. This book provides a bigger view of the how and why of where the Middle East is today, rather than just another biography of a life filled with intrigue. History lovers will embrace this book, it is a great read for a very long weekend… and you will come away with entire collection of new and amazing anecdotes to share.

We were given this book for review purposes by Penguin Books South Africa, we were not paid to write this review and the opinions expresses are as usual entirely our own.


Here are some lovely links from this week:

  1. As I said, we have been learning about World War 1 for school recently and making full use of the BBC Schools resource page… it is packed with useful goodies to listen to, to read and things to do… well worth stopping by if you are looking for resources.
  2. I loved this post on the Art of Simple: Giving Each other the Space to be Authentic. Let’s just stop assuming how others are feeling and ask them… just a slight change in approach can make the world of difference.
  3. Must, must, must read on Nesting Place: Hospitality, but not the kind you are thinking of.
  4. We will be creating our Advent Calendar this week… it is a big deal over here and one of our things… here are a heap of Beautiful Advent ideas on the Crafty Crow!!!
  5. Alisa Burke’s Paper Ornament Wreath… fun, fun, fun…
  6. Oh you want to see this darling idea, packed with every detail on Babyccino Kids: The Little Things – How to create a doll hospital. I see a ward of teddy bears coming in to play!!!
  7. If you don’t already follow theRebelution, written by youngsters for youngsters, I guess I am young at heart because I really enjoy it. The post really resonated with me, What if I am Just… Normal?
  8. And the se7en + 1th link:

  9. A Blast From the Past: And here are a couple of links to posts, this week, from previous years:

GiveAway Winners

A Road Tripping Feast

se7en - 101114 - 0019.jpg

All the entries…

se7en - 221114 - 0466.jpg

And picking and choosing…
se7en - 221114 - 0471.jpg

And the winner is:
se7en - 221114 - 0472.jpg

Cindy Nov 12, 2014 at 12:58 pm I would LOVE to drive our Italy for about a month. Experiencing anything and everything. I’d love to do that here too though – I’m easy to please!

We would like to thank MapStudio who supplied us with the GiveAway book. We were not paid for the review and the opinions expressed in it are as usual, entirely our own.

That’s us… Hope your weekend is a fabulous one and we are so looking forward to another week of blogging with you all…

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Justin Bonello’s Cooked in the Karoo – A Review and GiveAway.

November 20th, 2014 · 36 Comments

So I thought I would surprise you all with a fantastic GiveAway of Justin Bonello’s Latest book: Cooked in the Karoo written by Helena Lombard and published by Penguin Books South Africa. Like all of Justin Bonello’s books this one has a wonderful earthy feel to it. His books might be touted as cook books but they are always so much more than a cookbook. He produces books that are exquisite travel guides, not superficial travel, this travel to the very heart of a place… and then there are whole lot of recipes tossed in for good measure. This is the kind of “cook book” that leaves you freeing up your calendar, and blocking off chunks of time, just so that you can pack your bags and head out into the wilds.

se7en - 201114 - 0086.jpg

The Karoo

The dry and arid centre of our country is called the Karoo and for many folk it is a means to an ends and literally a desert that you drive through as fast as you can to cover the distance between Cape Town and anywhere else in South Africa. The truth is after reading this book you will be lingering a lot longer en-route…

se7en - 201114 - 0083.jpg

I noticed that I wasn’t the only person that had grabbed a notebook and plotted a potential route… Places with names like the Dwyka Gorge, Nieu-Bethesda, Steytlerville and Canarvon deserve a visit. This is a place full of nostalgia, The Swartberg Pass where my father took me as a child, and now I have a yen to take my own children there. Each spot on his road trip through the Karoo gets a chapter packed with details about the folk that live there and the life they lead. The book is packed with sites to see, where to count stars and where to go fossil hunting, where to stay and how to camp. There is a fabulous “Survival Guide”… and that alone is worth buying the book for… but lets go on to the food…


Justin Bonello’s cooking journey is well documented in his book collection and South African’s all over the world have been glued to his “Ultimate Braai” TV series… this book goes a little deeper and you will find it packed with recipes from the heart of your childhood. IF you are a South African on the far side of the world, I am sorry already because the recipes in this book will make you homesick: Biltong and frikkadelle, koffie and roosterkoek, melk tert and prickly pear ice-lollies, vetkoek and tamatiegemors, I could go on and on. I love how his recipes always take you back to the beginning, you can make these recipes with ingredients you are familiar with, and the directions are easy to follow… also he believes in family size recipes – there is no “serves one” in this book. I love that he doesn’t just say, this is the only way… often he will have three or more varieties of a recipe… would you like to make sweet mustard, hot mustard or wholegrain mustard from scratch, just for instance. So as usual we tried and tested Se7en+1 recipes… actually a whole lot more that we couldn’t resist and we still have a few more that we would like to try!!!

Se7en+1 Recipes we Tried

    se7en - 121114 - 0104.jpg

  1. Apricot Jam: We are unlikely to ever buy jam again… so easy and so so so tasty.
  2. se7en - 121114 - 0111.jpg se7en - 131114 - 0189.jpg se7en - 131114 - 0190.jpg

    se7en - 071014 - 0555.jpg

  3. Helena’s Mom’s Rice Krispie Treats: Can I mention just slightly life changing. Where o’ where have I been… I have always, always thought these were just too much effort and just too much work – had I known how easy they were and what a winner they were. Everybody, from all walks of life love these… we may well have been conquering the world’s supply of rice crisps since we discovered these… because one must!!! Justin bonello suggests that you hide these… I just smiled. they don’t last long enough to hide.
  4. se7en - 071014 - 0529.jpg se7en - 071014 - 0531.jpg se7en - 071014 - 0533.jpg se7en - 071014 - 0536.jpg se7en - 071014 - 0540.jpg se7en - 071014 - 0542.jpg

    se7en - 161114 - 0498.jpg

  5. Olive Tapenade: I am stocking up on these supplies for drop in visitors… you can totally whip this up and impress your drop in guests with a tasty feast. Just add some fresh crusty bread and you have a winner…
  6. se7en - 161114 - 0502.jpg se7en - 161114 - 0505.jpg

    se7en - 121114 - 0096.jpg

  7. Bottled Peaches: Basically if you know me, then you are getting baked peaches for every gift from now and evermore… Dad, did you here that… I have your birthday covered. Had I known that these were that easy to make… unfortunately they would not have made it into a jar if I had not stolen some. Literally eaten from the pot… I saved some and turned them into a crumble… divine.
  8. se7en - 121114 - 0102.jpg se7en - 121114 - 0106.jpg se7en - 121114 - 0146.jpg

    se7en - 211014 - 1157.jpg

  9. Salted Caramel Popcorn: Because of this recipe we now have movie night. I never could stand popcorn flying everywhere… but now I am converted. Long may our teeth last… because this stuff is simply irresistible.
  10. se7en - 211014 - 1162.jpg

    se7en - 151114 - 0219.jpg

  11. Hertzoggies: Now these are yummy little bites… for our overseas readers these are basically lemon meringue pies, except without the lemon… you use your apricot jam instead and then instead of plain meringue… you use coconut in your meringue… tweak, tweak and tweak again and really good to come home to after an evening amble!!!
  12. se7en - 151114 - 0209.jpg se7en - 151114 - 0212.jpg se7en - 151114 - 0214.jpg se7en - 151114 - 0216.jpg

    se7en - 121114 - 0179.jpg

  13. The World’s Easiest Baked Potatoes: Who knew this was an art and I will never look back. I have made them this way since I read the recipe… but only ever have a couple left over to photograph.
  14. se7en - 290914 - 2455.jpg

  15. Banana Bread Muffins: Why have we not made banana bread muffins before… quick and easy and gone in a flash.
  16. se7en - 290914 - 2457.jpg

    And the Se7en + 1th… we actually had to add an extra recipe to the mix!!!

    se7en - 211014 - 1168.jpg

  17. Whole Baked Pumpkin: Dinner for the whole family, stuffed inside a pumpkin – how incredibly wonderfully yummy is this… we constructed this one afternoon and spent the rest afternoon smelling these delicious aromas percolating through our home… and then we attacked it… and the following day we ate the leftovers for lunch!!! In a word “yummo.”
  18. se7en - 211014 - 1170.jpg se7en - 211014 - 1179.jpg se7en - 211014 - 1217.jpg se7en - 211014 - 1227.jpg se7en - 211014 - 1228.jpg

Previously with Justin Bonello

The GiveAway

We have a copy of Justin Bonello’s Cooked in the Karoo by Helena Lombard to GiveAway to our readers.

se7en - 201114 - 0086.jpg

We would love lots and lots of comments from you all: Tell us the place in South Africa that you would really, really love to visit. For those of you who are following, we will plot your trips on our map… which is looking fantastic and worthy of it’s own post!!!

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The Easiest Hike in Cape Point by Far…

November 20th, 2014 · 10 Comments

You know we have that mid-week, longing for the weekend feeling when we pop a hiking post up in the middle of the week. After a year of hiking about and exploring the park we appear to have found our hiking rhythm. It is pretty much routine, sandwiches are made and we are packed and out the door. All the hikes we do in our game reserve are new to us, so we never quite know what to expect, as you all know what appears to be easy on paper is not necessarily easy on the feet. We did really want to do a hike along the False Bay coast and previously we had tried one and it had turned out to be quite a challenge. This hike was exactly what we were looking for, the easiest hike we have found and would make a great hike for a family looking for a little adventure, without too much effort for short legs.

se7en - 190914 - 1320.jpg

Before the Hike

Hike day turned out to be wet and rainy, so we did a drive around the Park first to see if the weather would lighten up… and we were lucky enough to stop by our friends the Bontebok…

se7en - 190914 - 1197.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1215.jpg

And good morning to this very wet ostrich…

se7en - 190914 - 1229.jpg

Scavenger Hunt

All our hikes begin with a morning spent learning with a ranger… and the lesson was a scavenger hunt, how fun is that. Looking for natural factual treasures.

se7en - 190914 - 1258.jpg

Everyone loves this sort of class…

se7en - 190914 - 1271.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1290.jpg

Learning beside a glittering sea…

se7en - 190914 - 1293.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1309.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1314.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1339.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1615.jpg

And here are the discoveries…

se7en - 190914 - 1377.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1378.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1380.jpg

Up the False Bay Coast from the Whale Look Out to Bordjiesdrif

The hike begins at the whale-watch lookout…

se7en - 190914 - 7410.jpg

It looked like a really rocky beginning…

se7en - 190914 - 1393.jpg

But the weather cleared and it turned out to be a really easy amble along the top of the rocky outcrop…

se7en - 190914 - 1395.jpg

The look out is high above the water and it is a great spot to sight whales… we weren’t to optimistic we aren’t the luckiest whale watchers (!!!)… and we were quite content to look at the beautiful sea crashing below us…

se7en - 190914 - 1400.jpg

And then…

se7en - 190914 - 1404.jpg

A southern right whale popped up to greet us…

se7en - 190914 - 1408.jpg

After watching the whale for the longest time we got going with our hike…

se7en - 190914 - 1425.jpg

Before long we could look back at Cape Point lighthouse…

se7en - 190914 - 1431.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1423.jpg

It is a really easy walk along the top of the rocky outcrop and when you get to the signboard you can choose to go inland towards the visitor centre or turn down towards the coast…

se7en - 190914 - 1440.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1459.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1464.jpg

Down we went… keep your eye on the path ahead, and you will quickly find your way wandering through soft springy grass…

se7en - 190914 - 1465.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1559.jpg

Let’s say that again… and easy easy walk… if your kids are used to ambles then they can totally do that…

se7en - 190914 - 1490.jpg

Looking back, the hike starts just above those rocky cliffs and looking back you can see that it is an easy wander down the slopes and along the coast…

se7en - 190914 - 1533.jpg

We were rewarded with wildlife…

se7en - 190914 - 1470.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1502.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1531.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1565.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1599.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1604.jpg

And a crashing ocean…

se7en - 190914 - 1495.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1508.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1545.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1556.jpg

The highlight was the whale that swam the whole way alongside us…

se7en - 190914 - 1585.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1572.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1573.jpg

There is something incredible about whales…

se7en - 190914 - 7418.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1608.jpg

And along the rocky shore…

se7en - 190914 - 1621.jpg

We stopped for a play, which is essential when you are hiking with kids…

se7en - 190914 - 1624.jpg

And we wondered why we never made use of the cooking spots right on the beach – that is a definite future fun adventure for us.

se7en - 190914 - 1616.jpg

Back to the glittering to sea…

se7en - 190914 - 1633.jpg

Sandy beach and sea birds on the one side of us…

se7en - 190914 - 1631.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1637.jpg

And grass on the other side…

se7en - 190914 - 1635.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1642.jpg

Plenty of time for some exploring…

se7en - 190914 - 1649.jpg

And a short walk across the beach…

se7en - 190914 - 1678.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1669.jpg

Following footprints…

se7en - 190914 - 1674.jpg

Finding treasures…

se7en - 190914 - 1683.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1676.jpg

The birds chose to move along…

se7en - 190914 - 1694.jpg

And before we knew it…

se7en - 190914 - 1681.jpg

it was just a quick walk over the dunes to the end of our hike…

se7en - 190914 - 1725.jpg

Looking back along the beach, we saw the baboons arriving and we were quite glad we had missed them…

se7en - 190914 - 1709.jpg

And a last goodbye to this friendly ostrich… another hike under our belts…

se7en - 190914 - 1717.jpg

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Cape Wild Fire on Elsies Peak Above Fish Hoek and Glencairn…

November 19th, 2014 · 5 Comments

Just an ordinary day… that began with everyone doing a bit of school and hanging the laundry while watching the ocean…

se7en - 191114 - 0583.jpg

And the power going out for maintenance, as it does.

se7en - 191114 - 0584.jpg

And a puff of clouds above house.

se7en - 191114 - 0536.jpg

But when the Cape Fire Helicopters arrived we knew there was a bigger problem…

se7en - 191114 - 0607.jpg

And it quickly became apparent that that puff of clouds was anything but a puff of clouds…

se7en - 191114 - 0632.jpg

And we have spent the rest of the day watching the blaze…

se7en - 191114 - 0540.jpg

The choppers arrived in full force…

se7en - 191114 - 0546.jpg

Around and around…

se7en - 191114 - 0559.jpg

Again and again…

se7en - 191114 - 0579.jpg

And around some more…

se7en - 191114 - 0624.jpg

Drips and drops right over our heads…

se7en - 191114 - 0575.jpg

Then the spotter plane arrived…

se7en - 191114 - 0591.jpg

It spent the entire day circling… in and out of the smoke…

se7en - 191114 - 0639.jpg

And it got fairly hectic…

se7en - 191114 - 0704.jpg

And we watched our mountainside become engulfed…

se7en - 191114 - 0641.jpg

se7en - 191114 - 0678.jpg

se7en - 191114 - 0694.jpg

se7en - 191114 - 0710.jpg

Really we salute these guys, they are still battling it out…

se7en - 191114 - 0715.jpg

And it is going to be a long night too…

se7en - 191114 - 0718.jpg

se7en - 191114 - 0720.jpg

se7en - 191114 - 0726.jpg

It has been a day of sirens and choppers, smoke and noise…

se7en - 191114 - 0713.jpg

For updates follow @VWSfires on twitter.

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