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Saturday Spot & Clearly Christmas: The Christmas Box…

December 21st, 2008 · 7 Comments

Meet the box:


This is possibly the most exciting box in the house and it stays in a tip top cupboard for about fifty weeks of the year.

It is all part of the whole Christmas event… I know it looks like an apple box, but really it is the Christmas Box…

So lets look inside:

  • Firstly our Advent guy. You can read about our mad Advent Adventures here for Week 1 and here for Week 2. 


  • And a couple of stockings. I seem to whip a new one up every year or so – the night before Christmas – nothing like a deadline.


  • But beneath the stockings…

    Aha! Tins – who would have guessed!!!

    And inside the tins – all the Christmas goodies:

    • A box of special decorations. I love Christmas decorations, the sweeter the better… but I am very strict when the box is full it is a one in one out rule… No rampant lurking deco for me. Thank-you very much! 
    • A box of baubles and Christmas lights. I love pretty glass baubles – love them. I love flickering Christmas lights even more! 
    • A box with a couple of special Christmas cards and our finger puppet nativity… I adore finger puppets and little nativities. 
    • Finally in the biggest tin their is a box of tiny dingly dangly decorations – these are the stocking stuffers of our tree!!! 

That’s it… And today is the day… It is the last Saturday before Christmas and if you are a follower of our blog you will know that tomorrow is our Christmas Cookie swap. Traditionally we bring our decorations out on this day and the kids go to bed wondering if tomorrow there will be a tree…

Oh the tree… little people grabbing, spiky needles falling but I love the smell and couldn’t survive a fake one because of that. But the threading of little tiny things onto it… nope not my kind of job! (I am here to clean toilets not decorate trees.)

Anyway, the box is open. Excitement is rising. And tomorrow there will be a tree… and I will leave the decorations next to it and you can be sure a kind guest will start decorating and some more will follow.

We do have a couple of other advent goodies in the box… but I can’t stand the clutter lying around the whole of December… so they go up tomorrow with the tree… and I just open all the windows or boxes until tomorrows date – awful I know!!! Hideous mothering!!! But no-one seems to mind that their opening of little windows or boxes is limited to just one week of the year – Shew! The poor deprived Hoods know no better!!!

So tomorrow while I ice the last cookies little people will be frantically putting up their crafts from the last few weeks, and all our decorations will be up…

The whole box worth – I really only have the one box – I just can’t stand the clutter!!!

So here’s the thing: I love Christmas decorations, I love sparkling lights and there isn’t enough glitter in the world… but I loathe clutter and I loathe putting the decorations up and more than that… I loathe taking them down. Hence we don’t have too many decorations in order to contain the project.

So now you must be wondering how on earth I am going to get all the decorations back into the box without pain. Well, I have a plan and I will tell you all about it next week… watch and wait!

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  • 5 Kristi Robbins // Jul 10, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    I have read your blog on and off over the years (I get lost and time flies by and I too have to get back to mothering and such) but I like your style, your approach to life and raising the littles. I love this post because I recently decided that I actually do not like decorating for the holidays, I know, gasp! I too love all things sparkly and glittery but I do not like clutter either. I made two decorations for my mantle that serve as my all year round holiday decor- a slat board with wood pieces representing every month of the year and the words “happy everything” and a wooden box my hubby built that I put 4 mason jars with each one having flowers from each of the four seasons. Done and done. I say brilliant my teen girls say lazy. To each their own! Love the bright colors of your house- I will have to admire your kitchen and not emulate it since the other members of my house don’t appreciate bold colors the way I do (my husband and my parents) I three kiddos (18,16,&8) but my parents live with me as well, so your tips for a large family really help me as well. Have a great day!!

  • 6 se7en // Jul 25, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    Hay Kristi, Thank you so much for stopping by and the introduction… always lovely to meet up with our followers!!! Have a great week!!!

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