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Se7en+1 Learn About Food Foraging Amongst the Fynbos…

December 19th, 2015 · 3 Comments

In the olden days when we were young, the father person and I moved to the South Peninsula, and in my quest to start a garden we quickly discovered, that for plants to survive they had to be born and raised in our neighbourhood. Plants had to be used to our very specific weather: We have wind – a lot of it, weeks of sunshine, spells of torrenting rain, not to mention salty sea mist. We discovered the Good Hope Nursery had the only plants that could tough it out.

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We loved visiting there and as we added more kids to the clan so it became a favourite family outing. A little drive in the country and about as close to Cape Point as one can get without actually entering the park, not to mention new and wonderfully creative things were always going on there. Over time, wild jungle gyms were added and a tea garden and just lately foraging workshops. However, my quest to plant trees and the actual size of our teeny tiny garden collided and we haven’t been to visit for a while… silly me.

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A couple of weeks back I mentioned that I had noticed a few Food Foraging Courses running at the Good Hope Nursery and one of my favourite instagram feeds ever. Right in our hood, I just had to find out more… so we took a visit to learn all about what is edible and what is not…

se7en - 091215 - 8667.jpg

We started with a wander through the garden, which looks from a distance, exactly like mine, but oh my goodness, almost everything there is something wonderful and delicious to eat, not exactly like mine.

se7en - 091215 - 0041.jpg

So much to learn…

se7en - 091215 - 0022.jpg

There was a lot of enthusiasm… mostly adventurous tasters…

se7en - 091215 - 0030.jpg

And to be expected, some flavours were a little new!!!

se7en - 091215 - 0032.jpg

But mostly resounding awe…

se7en - 091215 - 0034.jpg

And respect for a knowledge that is well within our grasp, but that as a culture we have lost.

se7en - 091215 - 0021.jpg

We learnt how to make natural bandages…

se7en - 091215 - 0046.jpg

And about some of our most useful plants… enter the spekboom, bitter leaves that turn a humble stew into a feast…

se7en - 091215 - 0049.jpg

The Farmyard

After our lesson we went for a little amble around the farmyard… these wheel barrows have been my kids’ best friends about forever.

se7en - 091215 - 0055.jpg

We met the pigs…

se7en - 091215 - 0057.jpg

And all their babies…

se7en - 091215 - 0059.jpg

Trays of strawberries…

se7en - 091215 - 0061.jpg

And corn…

se7en - 091215 - 0068.jpg

And sunflowers…

se7en - 091215 - 0066.jpg


If nothing else convinces you that we should all be eating food foraged from our very own gardens then tea time will… we settled down to make new friends and to have a fabulous feast…

se7en - 091215 - 8685.jpg

Cupcakes covered in edible prettiness… and pelargonium tea.

se7en - 091215 - 8687.jpg

Fresh cream cheese and berries… and heaps of other goodies to test and try…

se7en - 091215 - 8683.jpg

Surrounded by beautiful things…

se7en - 091215 - 0212.jpg

Learning about natural dying…

se7en - 091215 - 8689.jpg

And the bell, well it all felt a bit like home from home…

se7en - 091215 - 8681.jpg

Little friends were discovered…

se7en - 091215 - 0087.jpg

Firm friends were made…

se7en - 091215 - 0076.jpg

The Roof Garden

And if all that wasn’t enough… we then went on a little wander around the roof garden…

se7en - 091215 - 0195.jpg

Would you look at that…

se7en - 091215 - 0126.jpg

Little snacks, simply everywhere…

se7en - 091215 - 0112.jpg

Dare I mention…

se7en - 091215 - 0105.jpg

That we could have a spot for a roof garden too…

se7en - 091215 - 0070.jpg

I can honestly say there are few things more inspiring than meeting folk who are on a journey of learning, and who are happy to share their learning with us…

se7en - 091215 - 0263.jpg

If you want to know more about Foraging Workshops at the Good Hope Nursery, … in the fynbos, along the shores… for vegetarians, for vegans, for kids, anybody really. Then head over to their website to learn more. And if you are looking for daily inspiration then follow their instagram feed, you will love it!!!

We would like to thank The Good Hope Nursery for showing us around and for wonderful inspiration. This is not a sponsored post and opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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  • 1 Wendy // Dec 19, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    I think its a must visit for me! Thanks for sharing. Had no idea this existed.
    Wendy´s last blog post ..The bee-ginning of our urban bee adventure

  • 2 se7en // Dec 19, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    Hay Wendy, I can’t believe you haven’t been there… a must, must, must visit… When we first started going there, way before jungle gyms, my oldest kids were tots and there was a lovely lady, with heaps of kids like us, who everything about every about the plants there. She sparked a love of wheelbarrows, and of course of all things fynbos for my kids!!! Definitely stop by, I think it may be the perfect fit for the avid gardener in you… and definitely check out the workshops. Hope you are having a fun weekend!!!

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