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World Book Day, and Se7en’s Build a Library Book By Book Project…

March 2nd, 2017 · 7 Comments

It’s World Book Day, a huge day on the world of children’s books. This is the day we think about all the books that fired up our imaginations as kids… our favourite favourites. The ones we have to keep on our shelves forever and the ones we love so much that we have to share them…


It is also the perfect day to talk about our Book Giving Day Project. The point of World Book Day is to encourage kids to read… and we are doing just that by creating libraries for children, who would otherwise not have access to books at all.


We are trying, with your help, to build a library for a school with over a thousand students in it and no access to a library, either at school or in their community. No books for dreaming, no books for thinking and no books for just escaping… I think we could set as a goal to create a library that each child could take out a book every week. When I ask my kids what their favourite books are… we can be busy for hours. Our dream is to give each of these kids a favourite childhood book by the end of the year. I believe we can, just by gifting one book at a time…


For those of you that are new here I thought I would quickly tell you a little bit about our Building a Library Book by Book Project: Once a year for a number of years now, we generate a library of books for a school in desperate need. With the help of our blogging community we have been able to build a rural library, a inner city library, a township library… it just grows every year. How it works is that folk all over the world send a gift of a book or two, either they buy them online or they ship books that they have already read and would like to share… and slowly but surely the books roll in, one by one until we have a library to share. It is completely possible to build a library book by book…

se7en-20-Feb-17-Book Giving_3-3.jpg

This year we have sponsor, that you are all going to love, to help us with our project. Super Nova Magazine have come on board and as well as gifting our library with a collection of books they will match each order bought with our coupon code, by gifting the same order to our library project. Anyone who subscribes to the magazine before the end of April, is also buying a subscription for our library project. So already they have gifted a collection of magazines to the school, but your subscription can help our library grow…

se7en-20-Feb-17-Book Giving_-1.jpg

Super Nova is a locally produced, real live magazine for curious kids, geared towards primary and middle schoolers… it is a great quality magazine absolutely packed full of facts, issues, science, stuff kids (and their parents) love to read about. We recently featured in an article that they wrote on Citizen Science and you can check it out here… And if your kids do great and exciting stuff they can write in and join the story too… they love hearing from kids. This is the classic magazine of our childhood, reinvented for kids today… there is everything to love about it and we are so excited to have them onboard and helping us to create a library for these kids.

se7en-20-Feb-17-Book Giving_6-6.jpg

You can read about our Citizen Science Project over here… and how dreamy is it to find yourself in real live print. Funny thing, instead of calling the hoods by their “real names” Hood #1, hood #2 etc… they gave them assumed names for the article… and that gave my guys hours of hilarity… they called each other by their Super Nova names for weeks!!!

se7en-20-Feb-17-Book Giving_7-7.jpg

If you would like to join Super Nova Magazine and have them match your purchases then follow this link:

Use the coupon code: ”7+1” (no spaces) in their shop and they will know to match it. You can also leave a note in the notes panel.

So How Can You Help to Build a Library?

Step 1: Select a Book or Books

  1. You can search through your books for gently used books that your children have outgrown or no longer love. Remember these books are gifts, we will visit the school when they unpack them. Loved books are great, over loved books… not so much, and old tattered textbooks from your college days that have been used as door stops… really not so much.
  2. You can buy a book or two with your children and package them up.
  3. You can shop at Amazon and ship directly.
  4. And you can shop on-line, locally at Loot, and ship directly as well.

While all the students do learn English, many of the learners have Afrikaans or Xhosa as their first language. English books are very welcome, so are books in Afrikaans and Xhosa. Any books will be great, story books, picture books, craft books, cook books, reference books… really any books. There is a large community being served here. If you are shopping overseas and would like to buy local language books then click on the South African vendor to find books and they will deliver locally for you.


Step 2: Contact us.

Leave a comment and tell us that you intend to help or contact us. I will reply to you all as soon as I can with the shipping details, with the address to send the books you have chosen. There is a human person behind each and every email (that would be me) and they take time… please be patient the address will get to you.

Step 3: Let us Know All About the Books You Chose

We would love if you could photograph the books you are sending, if you shop on-line then just send us a list of the books that you ordered. If you have a blog and write about it then let us know and we will have a Progress Post almost weekly. I will pop the photo’s you send into the blog post and if you do have a blog there will be a chance for you to link up as well…

Step 4: There is a Deadline…

We would like to deliver the books that we personally collect and accumulate in the first week or two of May, so while you can ship anytime… we are hoping to end this campaign by the end of April.

Otherwise if you have contacted us and left a comment, I will be emailing you all over the next few days with the shipping information… and if you haven’t received an email by next week then please please please comment again.

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  • 1 dvs // Mar 3, 2017 at 6:20 am

    Great work, again! count us in for books!

  • 2 se7en // Mar 6, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Thank you so much dvs, You have been counted!!! Have a fabulous week!!!

  • 3 Se7en's Fabulous Fun Post #349 - se7en | se7enSe7en's Fabulous Fun Post #349 - se7en // Mar 6, 2017 at 11:29 pm

    […] Our Book Book Giving Day Project is in full Swing, if you have signed up to join us, then you should all have your emails with the shipping details by the end of today… and otherwise… join in, join in… we are trying to build a library for over a thousand kids… we need books and lots of them. It is totally doable, book by book we can build a library. Don’t forget SuperNova Magazine has a fabulous offer for our followers, they will match any subscription and donate your order to the library when you stop and shop there. And the books are starting to roll in… […]

  • 4 Marcia (OrganisingQueen) // Mar 7, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    I will get ours sorted probably on that long weekend BUT I will Aramex them so you’ll get them super quick!
    Marcia (OrganisingQueen)´s last blog post ..How I get it “all” done

  • 5 Susan Snyder // Mar 9, 2017 at 5:37 am

    please count us in!

  • 6 MrsFF // Mar 16, 2017 at 6:09 am

    I thought I signed on and I’ve been wondering why I didn’t get an email. Guess gremlins ate my comment. Please send me the details. I have the books waiting to be mailed out.

  • 7 Se7en's Fabulous Fun Post #350 - se7en | se7enSe7en's Fabulous Fun Post #350 - se7en // Mar 26, 2017 at 2:08 am

    […] Our Book Book Giving Day Project is in full Swing… if you have signed up to join us, I am battling to communicate with the school. This is the reason they very much need a library, internet is flakey, phones don’t always work… and I am getting the details to you as fast as I can. So join in, join in… we are trying to build a library for over a thousand kids… we need books and lots of them. It is totally doable, book by book we can build a library. Don’t forget SuperNova Magazine has an absolutely fabulous offer for our followers, they will match any subscription and donate your order to the library when you stop and shop there. If you don’t know how cool they are then check out their sight. Really if your kids don’t know SuperNova magazine then you need to introduce them to it… for all sorts of cool fun, opinion, factual, fabulous reasons. […]

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