Saturday Spot: My Sister the Artist..

This is not really a spot, but rather a ramble of se7en wonderful artworks around our house. I am so grateful that I have a true artist for a sister and that my children can have real canvas paintings above their beds… Not to mention that they experience the process of art whenever they visit her. Because of that art is not stagnant and untouchable for them – they are not afraid try all-sorts of things and they don’t see “real art” as something foreign and museum-ish but just as a part of life – wonderful!!!

So here they come, feast your eyes…

This first one was a birthday gift for Hood #6, who turned two a couple of weeks ago.

This is a wood carving of an elephant and her child, I love the colors and I love how the animals fit the curve of the wood.

This is an oil painting… of Noah and his ark…

These are two icons painted on wood…

This oil floating castle hangs above Hood #1’s bed – and fits him perfectly as he is a dragon, fantasy, dreamy fellow.

And finally, my all time best! This is another dreamy oil painting. I have dragged it with me from home to home – I just love the colors and well – I just love it!

Clearly, she got the talent and I got the kids!!!

2 Replies to “Saturday Spot: My Sister the Artist..”

  1. I never knew your sister did that last painting – it’s always been an iconic "Blue house" image for me. The wooden elephants are fantastic. She’s very talented!

  2. P.S. Thanks for the sweets that you sent with my dad! I wish we could’ve come too…we miss you all!!

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