The Week That Wasn’t…

We didn’t go romping on the beach, even though we live two minutes away.

We didn’t go out for ice-cream.

We didn’t find wonderful wild things.

We didn’t play a brilliant game of mudlarking.

We didn’t create any great masterpieces.

Hood #1: Did a whole lot school (yup, that is perched on top of a high book case).

Hood #2: Did some electronics and stayed out of trouble.

Hood #3: Had a mini-paper doll revival.

And did some whittling in the winter sunshine.

Hood #4: Drew his first dragon.

And then, whipped up a family of his own paper dolls.

Hood #5: Tried out a whole lot of recipes for a future post and picked some flowers.

Hood #6: Took on some spaghetti and won.

Not to mention, took up skateboarding down stairs,with her usual finesse at new skills.

Hood #7: Got a whole lot more mobile.

As usual we read some books.

And here is a little surprise, a reward for reading this far. A very revealing home truth. If you don’t have se7en, you may not know this… and I wish washing machine inventors had the vaguest idea about how indestructable these machines are meant to be. On any given day our washer has what most people would call an abnormal load of laundry. However, let me show you the part that isn’t laundry… but is still pretty abnormal… this was just a regular day, not a hectic bizarre walk in the country kind of day. Just your regular stay at home and do some school kind of day.

And perhaps the father person should look away right now… ummm I do mostly check their pockets, but I am teaching independence here, which means other family members (the mother person and associated short people) have to put their own washing in the washer.

So here is the itinerary… se7en plastic snakes; a plastic stag beetle; a wooden rabbit; a pencil sharpener; three precious stones, an open (!) pocket knife; some string; a key; a pen lid; sticky tape; a badge; a highlighter; two buttons; something that may have been a button, well once; 10c; and some remnants of my mobile phone (for which I actually have to claim responsibility, since it would be very remiss for a child to have my phone in their little clutches).

And, since I am sure the father person is now gasping in some terminal spasm under his desk. Astonishingly, in the whole load of laundry, the only items for which he can claim responsibility would be a pair of socks. Hmmm, at least everyone else is actually loading the washer. But, well done for that pair of socks!

2 Replies to “The Week That Wasn’t…”

  1. Thank you for the laugh, I have recently had my nieces kids for a couple of months while she was relocating and had a few ‘oh nooo’ moments with the washing machine. My hubby often fixes machines in his work and while that is a very impressive load it is not the worst.

  2. Hi J, Glad to give you a laugh… unfortunately that isn’t our worst either, rather our standard load! I couldn’t post the worst since the father person does read our blog!!!! You have a great weekend!!!

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