The Week that Was… Again…

We got some books:

I was sent a well crafted message begging for lunch (I just love the feet!);

A little later an army came hunting for lunch… for the mother person, who was terribly busy (um blogging – again)… Can you spot the difference?

Hood #1:

Found a good spot to read;

Kept Hood #3 safe from a melt down, with yet another snack (oranges and bananas).

Set up the family mailing system;

Hood #2:

Found a good book;

Revitalized cycling as he became the family mechanic;

That’s when he wasn’t trying to kill himself;

Hood #3:

Discovered she could ride her bike without training wheels – oh the heady freedom!

Rediscovered her, by now, well mixed wormery;

Did some Badge Bonanza Blogging and was part of The Great Summer Garden Salad Festival…

Hood #4:

Donned his cycling gear (!!!);

Discovered actual pedaling;

And swelled his paper doll family at an alarming rate.

And he wrote a book.

Hood #5:

Spent his days reading cook books (I am not kidding); And cooking up a storm for his Celebrity Chef Series.

Donned his cycling kit;

And got some frantic exercise in – a chef must stay fit!

Hood #6:

Took to her bike with alarming finesse;

Took to the fields, well the back retaining wall… and instigated the morning of The Great Summer Garden Salad Festival… in the middle of winter.

Had her hair braided for about three seconds at the bi-monthly hair chopping event.

Hood #7:

Really got on the move;

And is more than extremely pleased with herself!

And we are pleased with her too!

And since you have made it thus far: Another home truth… Haircuts… happen every 9-ish weeks… can you imagine… everyone over three, goes from shaggy to short… It takes an entire morning, we leave home at the crack of dawn and return – well kind of hairy and itchy and just in time for lunch! The poor hairdresser is immensely patient as she chops and chops and chops and then we leave behind, quite literally mountains of hair on the floor – euch… But I just love the back of their short haircut heads!!! (There is one under three shaggy hair do there!!!)

And we got our first real live fan mail (thank YOU so much), but it has a wonderful project and so you will have to wait and see…

Have a great weekend…

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