Celebrity Chef (Part 4): Hot Dogs from Scratch…

Here he is again: And this time he is making Hot Dogs for lunch.

Meet the Team:

We used a batch of pizza dough (its nice and springy!)
A packet of little pork sausages
Ketchup – only about a whole heap!

Play the Game:

Take your pizza dough and chop it up;


And again;

And again;

Gosh you need a lot of rolls in this family!


Lay them out on a baking tray and let them rise for a little (15 minutes or so).

Carefully place them in a hot oven (about 200 degrees Celsius);

For about ten minutes or so;

And check on them.

When they smell good and they are a little bit brown on top let your friendly adult take them out of the oven.

While your rolls are baking, pop the porkies into a warm pan and let them simmer away gently.

Poke them every now and then.

Once your rolls and cooked porkies have cooled down enough to touch, get your friendly adult helper to slice the rolls open.

Then just plonk a porkie in each roll.

And be liberal with the ketchup.

And I mean generous.

Munch munch thanks for lunch!

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4 Replies to “Celebrity Chef (Part 4): Hot Dogs from Scratch…”

  1. I’m terribly impressed by the celebrity chef – all of his creations look delicious! Do you think he could stop by Chattanooga and make lunch for us? 🙂

  2. Hi Lauraew, I am so glad you are enjoying the celebrity chef… unfortunately he is part of a pack and doesn’t travel alone!!! lots of love.

  3. Oh Marcia, your two would so enjoy making these… I think I may have to get all my recipe posts in order for you… just saying!!! Have fun… hope your party prep is going well!!!

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