Spring has Sprung!!!

Did you know, many people actually think that today, 1 September, is the first day of Spring… we won’t mention that one of these people actually lives with us… If you need the date, just to argue a point, maybe, then this would be it.

Here he is cracking the ice… with a traditional Spring swim.

The hoods were understandably all still unable to stir from their winter hibernation. But there were two brave, bleary eyed hoods bracing themselves in the Arctic weather conditions, as official witnesses to the great event.

Huh, what was that? Yup, Arctic conditions… here is the Home Truth:

South Africans cannot believe that the weather in their country is anything other than ideal. In fact, let it be known that in Cape Town we don’t actually experience winter – REALLY!!! Glorious sunshine all year round and in summer the wind never ever blows a gale and you never have to scrape your hair-do up from the far side of the beach because well, actually the wind never ever blows…

So here are a few pictures of the weather this weekend… seriously, only glorious sunshine…

No gushing torrents;

No Arctic wind; No 10 meter swell;

No hail strewn streets;

No uprooted trees;

No obvious storm damage;

Nothing like that.

And let it be said: We have so much protection against the winter climes – well not actually, remember our weather is always glorious. So we don’t need underfloor heating, double glazed windows, central heating, thermal underwear… sweaters even, none of that. And should it be slightly breezy, well let it be known we are made of sterner stuff, and can handle a bit of a chill.

And here is a public confession, courtesy of the se7en: We do actually own a heater… this is our protection against the elements: a mighty furnace. Look at the size of it, compare it to the plug. We keep it in the garage in case of emergency situations.

And then, who would actually plug a heater in – my goodness – and overburden the National Grid… you never know your appliance might be the one that throws the countries electricity for weeks to come. So no we do not turn our heater on. Oh, hang on, we didn’t have electricity anyway – yet another fatuous appliance, no wonder we keep it in the garage.

All that being said we settled in for a glorious spring breakfast.

Thank-you to our distant friends for the anoraks they sent us a couple of years ago… because without them, Spring may not have sprung.

4 Replies to “Spring has Sprung!!!”

  1. What a funny post! I loved it ! It is sooo true about Spring – I can’t remember a 1st of Sept when it didn’t rain. Tell your dh that he is NUTS! 🙂 Even my dh, who plays waterpolo throughout winter, quit practice early last night because the pool heaters weren’t working!

  2. Goodness – I don’t remember the weather ever being that bad! Glad you all survived in your trusty winter gear. 🙂 I wish we could trade weather for a few days, though! The thought of it being cold enough to wear a warm coat is lovely, but it won’t happen for a while – we’re all sweltering here in Georgia!

  3. Hay Lauraew – good to hear from you again. I think distance makes the heart grow fonder!!! I have very distinct memories of you and your mom dressed like snowmen! lots of love.

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