A Flock of Felty Feathered Friends…

We really needed something to do on yet another wintry day in Spring.

So I brought out the treasure trove.

Fabrics, ribbons, buttons, beads, scooby doo wires, threads and pipe cleaners.

We needed scissors for snipping but I never bought out the glue or markers. It is quite unheard of to do a project without them in our house. I wanted them to work a bit harder, think a bit differently and take a bit longer… as the rain and hail just kept surging down.

Oh and felt of course – I cut out the shapes for everyone to make a pair of birds…

Off they went plotting and planning:

And before they knew it they had settled down to threading and knotting and weaving.

Someone just loved the feel of running their fingers through the beads and then got the hang of beading them on a pipe-cleaner as well!

This craft turned out to be easier than they all thought initially. Felt is very forgiving, you can snip a little hole in it and weave pipe cleaners or fabric ribbons.

If you make two holes next to each other, then you can tie on threaded beads or even one bead for an eye.

And if you need to do feet, make them and tie them on.

And here they are before they stitched them up.

Then they were pinned together.

And the more able bodies enjoyed sewing them together to make pocket pals.

That’s it a Flock of Felty Feathered Friends.

Have Fun.

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