Se7en Party Invitation Ideas…

I have posted so much about Birthday Parties, and I know when I wrote about choosing a theme I kept saying how easy invitations are to make – well rumor has it (!) and a few emails indicate that I may have been jumping the gun a bit…

So I thought I would pop in a quick post with se7en types of Party Invitation Ideas for you:

  • Idea 1: Some I have just put together for them when the were very small…

    A Green Car Party:


    A Bouncy Ball Party:


    A Star Party:


  • Idea 2: Really all you need is a photograph of your theme and a small photo of the kidlet and you are away… if you can’t do it on your computer (yeah for drag and drop!) then just do it cut and paste with a glue stick… it doesn’t take long and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

    A Red Tractor Party:


    A Yellow Mixer:


    An Auto-Transporter, Racing Car Party:


    A Yellow Submersible – UnderSea Theme:


    A Pirate Party:


    A Flower Party:


  • Idea 3: Using their artwork:

    A Hat Party:


    A Frog Prince Party:


    A Butterfly Party:


    A Fairy Hunt:


  • Idea 4: You can also make the invititations more interesting when they get older, find some printable activity sheets to go with your theme, Crayola printables and Family Fun Printables are a good source:

    A Space Hunt:


  • Idea 5: Or give the kids an equipment list, this can really heighten excitement and anticipation levels if they are required to do some pre-party preparation.

    A Safari Party:


  • Idea 6: The puzzling type of invitation:

    A Spy Party: With their I.D. card.


  • Idea 7: The Useful type of invitation:I don’t have any examples of these, they don’t linger… but a wooden spoon for an baking party or a paintbrush for an art party or a toy hammer for a construction party… with a ribbon wrapped round it with the info… these are so easy and so loved!

Party on…

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