The Week That Was – 16…

And The Strange Things They Say…

This is why we call them Hoods:


We read some books.


In the early morning.


We did a lot of arting.


We went for a stomp.


We even did a whole lot of school – I left the room and they didn’t think recess – miraculous!


Hood #1: Didn’t have a lot to say… but copious amounts of these little robots kept appearing around the house (all about 2 cm high – and I thought he was quietly tackling his Algebra – hehehe) …


Hood #2: Organised a restaurant… notice everyone else is working very hard: planning, cooking, serving, and yet his feet are, well up…


He also asked me for a couple of things – apparently he needed them for school:

  • 2 bicycle tubes
  • sewing needle
  • thread
  • wax
  • two empty Coke bottles, you can drink the Coke
  • a pump
  • more string
  • a pool or a beach nearby

He had spent hours designing and inventing “A Breathing Asparagus…”I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the word he needed was apparatus!

Hood #3: Who knows what is going on in there:



But apparently, I shouldn’t be so demanding with all this laundry sorting – her baby isn’t due for quite a while, maybe months, maybe years – oh please will it be years!

Hood #4: Tells me “I am going to be a doctor when I grow up, except when the office is closed, then I am going to sell ice-cream, and when the shop is closed I am going to be an electrolocition and when that is closed then I am going home.”


Now he is a great artist… and when offered a smallish piece of paper to paint a wild animal (to fit in with our Tuesday Art Task) he merrily set to the task, along with all his siblings. He painted this triangle… hmmmm.

  • The mother person asked: “So what sort of animal is that then?”
  • Hood #4: “Well it’s a JOJO bird”
  • The mother person: “Aha” – leaving a pause in case any further information was forth coming… it was…
  • Hood #4 (without batting an eye): “Just a pity this paper is so very small, I can only fit the beak on it.”


Not to mention a new pirating obsession and the dance of The Lantic Ocean.


Hood #5: Spent time with his Chef friend Peter and made a heap of milk tartlets.


And snuck off on his own to make some little cakes for tea – aaahh a child after my own heart.


Hood #6: Discovered the art of dressing and undressing in a major way, ran out stripes in her drawers and raided her big sisters drawers for inspiration…


Not to mention what she did to the butter block that didn’t leap straight back into the fridge as the rest of us left the table. Euch.


Hood #7: Decided crawling is for the birds.


And grew a bunch more teeth, grinning all the way. You have to have se7en before you get one this happy to pop teeth out!


I had a personal crisis and was downright grumpy when our internet connection went down (the euphemism for all computer collapses) and I couldn’t blog – I couldn’t even observe my blog… But I felt so much better when a few of you contacted me to see where I was… aaahhhh followers – Thank You All! And I am merrily back in my niche.

That’s it – have a great week!!!

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  1. I think the Hoods get more marvelous every minute…missing you all very much!! (Grateful for the blog though – it makes me feel like I’m there, almost.)

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