Sunday Snippet: Bible Detective.

This site: Kid’s Sunday School Place is such a great resource for all sorts of things to do with kid’s ministry.

Their Activities, Games and Object Lessons are fabulous: short and to the point, and totally useable for a wide variety of ages. They list their resources in two ways, as complete lessons or according to topic.

But the real Gem of this site is in the Resources section:

Bible Detective:

This is such a great game for a group of multi-age folk gathered together over a period of time – I used it on a Church camp with great success.

You will need:

  • The questions to play. There are 27 questions and each question link will take you to a page of printable question cards. Each question is printed multiple times on a sheet,… printout a sheet of questions, cut the questions into cards and you are good to go. You will need a set of cards for each team.
  • Also each team will most likely need a Bible to play, unless they are totally brilliant. No, each team will really need a Bible to play this game!
  • And you will need the answers.

This is how you play:

  • Divide your group into multi-age teams, the questions clearly range in difficulty so let the younger players loose at the beginning.
  • Hand a question to each team… when a team brings you the correct answer you give them the next question…
  • And so on… First to finish is the winner… you will be amazed and astonished how competitive people can get!

Now Kid’s Sunday School Place suggest you use these cards for kids from week to week in their class and use Bible Bucks as motivators. What a great idea!

You can also sign up to this site for an annual fee to support them, but you needn’t they have heaps of free stuff available, and it really is good stuff.

Have Fun, Play Hard!

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