Go Dog Go – Do you like my Hat? – in Se7en Steps…

This book, Go Dog Go, is such a favorite I am sure it is engrained in the hearts and minds of almost every one – world wide. For me you cannot beat that party at the top of the tree – I have always wanted to go to THAT party!

I looked it up on the Web and for such a popular book I could find hardly anything, I thought there would be heaps of online activities and printables – well no!


So here is a Go Dog Go Activity!

All the way through the story is a subplot regarding hats:



“Do you like my hat?”

“I do not.”



And the hats get more and more fantastic… So we made some fantastic hats.


Meet the Players:


We used cardboard, watercolor crayons, bright magazine strips and scissors. We used a glue stick. Later we used pipe cleaners, feathers and tape.

Let’s Play the Game:

Step 1: We started with strips of card and water color crayons – they are bright and don’t smudge like pastels.


Step 2:The idea was that we color in half the strip.


Step 3: Some had other ideas!


Step 4: Then we took some bright magazine strips and cut them into random shapes, and stuck them onto the top half of the strip.



Step 5: Then chop, chop, snip, snip.


And there you go some strips of card with great ragged edges.


Step 6: Then we taped some feathers, pipe cleaners and tissue paper to the top of the inside of the strips.


Step 7: Rolled them up and stapled them to fit the appropriate headlet.


“Hello again. And now do you like my hat?”

“I do. What a hat! I like it! I like that party hat!”



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