Se7en Silhouettes in Se7en Steps…

So, time for a Tuesday Art Task… This was meant to be a quick one and it turned out far trickier than we expected. In fact, it is far easier to make shadow puppets than shadow people!

This is what you are aiming for:



So here we go…

Step 1: Pop a piece of paper onto the glass and put your kid on the far side…with the sun shining through. Here comes the really tricky part: getting a nice enough shadow! Kidlets look directly at the glass and all you see is a cloud of hair, you have to wiggle and jiggel to get a good silhouette and then they move… and move… and move again!!!


Step 2: Just in case you really can’t get a good shadow – snap a quick pick! Then should you still have a lingering kidlet, grab a pencil and whip around an outline.


Step 3: Snip your shadows out carefully. Keep them both.


Step 4: Grab another piece of paper the same size as the first. And do some wild finger painting. I will post a finger paint tutorial in the next day or two – because it is another of the the things that every mother should know how to do.


Step 5: Once your finger paints have dried, and they will crunch up as they dry. Paint them with well diluted cold glue. This gets your painting nice and shiny and uncurls the paper.


Step 6: Pop the cut out shadow pieces onto the glued paper.


Step 7: And you are done!



Have fun!

4 Replies to “Se7en Silhouettes in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Always fun visiting you guys. I now have another idea of what to do with all the tins I have lying around. Will add colourful bottletops to the the string and a old cd will add an intersting reflection. Will use coloured plastic 2l bottle plastic as wings for the dragonfly. Thanks for ideas. Are you on holiday now, its soccafeva?

  2. Hi
    Any soccer ideas? We made mosaics using magazines, tearing out ( about) fingernail sized pieces and sticking it on a drawing of our beautiful national flag or a flag of choice then laminating ( funding available) or just using wide cellotape to cover completely and stick sosatie stick or twig on one side at same time. Looks lovely original and costs little if recycling old (deserted art projects lying around) pages as base for drawn flag.

  3. Hi A, Thanks for stopping by I am sure we will come up with a soccer craft sometime!!! Have a good week!!!

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