The Week That Was – 24

So first week of summer holidays and we were out everyday – unheard of… insane. and let’s just say the title of this post should be:

How to get exhausted in Se7en Steps…

I just spent the entire morning picking up the detritus of a life on the run. All that dashing means projects are done but not tidied, meals are eaten but not swept up from, books are read but not packed back. I could go on and on… but it is so boring- even for me!

In a nutshell:

  • On Sunday we stayed up very late for the Carol Service at Church… and went to look at the Christmas lights. 




  • And on Monday we went for an awesome outing… here is a sneaky peak… I will pop it in the Saturday Spot later… an entire day out in the sun and fun…


  • Tuesday we went for haircuts – don’t die of excitement! I just love that I can see all those little ears again!
  • And Wednesday we went for an eye-check up… we were due for an appointment in January (last January). I kept putting it off and suddenly it is the end of the year – gasp. Totally good parenting and I sense a Home Truth about vision control in the house of se7en…
  • On Thursday the grandfather person came of older age and we had to go out for custard croissants to mark the occasion.


  • Friday we went to the library and got sixty-two fresh books… Followed by another late night: a bring and share farewell supper with friends…
  • DSC05088.JPG


  • And today is I hope a chill at home day with some friends coming over for pizza and a swim later, not that I will swim even though it is blisteringly hot… Instead I will get back to things dear to my heart – like blogging.

So we have a book of the week: It is Up and Down Andes:


We totally love this book. We got it from The Picnic Basket, which is a brilliant book review blog for kids books – that I really, really, really don’t want to share with you – but in my state of bleary-eyed, an outing a day week and numerous late nights, I will be nice… and definitely this book will feature on our Tuesday art Task.

And if you like Up and Down the Andes then you will like: We’re Sailing to Galapagos for all the same reasons. The rhythm and beat of this book make you quite literally feel like a day of sailing!


Otherwise we did our usual arting and crafting:



Hood #7 did a lot of surfing on the tea tray:



And exploring of remote and distant lands…



Hood #6: Joined the fashion ranks (like we always knew she would) and climbed into a burlap bag… the new nest!


And then discovered an escape route…



Hood #5: Became the resident peg-legged pirate.


Hood #4: Our resident gnome added a backpack to his outfit.


Hood #2 and #3: Did something on the sly – because there are no pictures to be found!

And Hood #1: Wanted to explore abseiling, on the rock, in a bit more depth. So he convinced Hood #5 that this was the new sport. Clearly he was very convincing.


Otherwise there was a major achievement:


Okay, let’s see that again:




Mexican Wave:






That’s it… Have a Great Weekend.

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  1. It is amazing how fast the house falls apart when we are busy! But it sounds like a fun week!

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