Post 250 – Can You Believe It!

So here we are 250 posts down and who knows how many more to come! It has been such fun. I thought it would be a good time to update our about page. A lot can happen in six months! Anyway thanks for reading all about us. We have so enjoyed making new friends all around the world.


Welcome to our blog. I hope you enjoy your visit…

Our blog is all about the life and times of a se7en kid family. And covers the things we love the most:

  • reading
  • cooking
  • crafting
  • arting
  • schooling
  • surviving

We have a weekly rhythm to our blog:

  • Monday Munchies
  • Tuesday Art Tasks
  • Wednesday Practical Parties
  • Thursday Se7en do School or Organizing Se7en or Home Truths
  • Friday The Week That Was
  • Saturday Spot
  • Sunday Snippet

But since there are Se7en Little Hoods, all blogging occurs in the early hours of the morning and often a post gets posted the day following the event… Probably the easiest way to explore past posts is to click on the sitemap button where all the posts are listed according to category.

Let’s meet the se7en hoods all over again:


Hood 1. Dragon Boy: 11 years old and avid reader. He is still mad about Shakespeare and Roald Dahl, and is busy writing and illustrating heaps of his own books at the moment. He loves making crafty goodies and blogs about them at Owl Books.


Hood 2. Gadget Boy: 9 years old and avid reader. Still inventing all sorts of gadgets. And is very handy to have around because he knows more about computers than I could ever dream.


Hood 3. Fairy Girl: 7 years old and avid reader. Loves all friends and dancing and girly girly stuff! She is very good at packing for picnics and any spot is a good one for her.


Hood 4. Artist Boy: 5 years old and avid reader. Wild, passionate artist who creates more cut-out paper-scapes in a day than you can ever imagine.


Hood 5. Celebrity Chef: 4 years old and avid reader of cook books. Loves cooking and being a chef. You can find all his posts on his own Celebrity Chef Page.


Hood 6. Wild Child: 2 years old and avid reader. Loves drawing and chopping with scissors more than most. Crazy for real live animals and since we don’t have pets she finds her own.


Hood 7, Surfer Girl: Almost one and avid page turner. Loves her siblings and anything anyone else is doing. Her favorite things are whistles and balls, not to mention surfing on the kitchen tray. She just discovered she can make it up and down the front stairs and suddenly the great outdoors is part of her every day world.

2 Replies to “Post 250 – Can You Believe It!”

  1. Hooray for blogging! 🙂 The hoods are absolutely gorgeous and I am SO jealous that I can’t come along in Feb. but I told my mom to take tons of photos and enjoy it all double for me.

  2. How lovely to hear from you!!! We are so dying for your mom to get here!!! There is a level of excitement buzzing around our house in anticipation that you cannot believe!

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