The Great Photographic Scavenger Hunt Results…

Here they are: The results of The Great Photographic Scavenger Hunt we did over the weekend:

This is what they hunted for:

  • There favorite spot in the house
  • Something that is their favorite color
  • Something that reminds them of their favorite book
  • Something that reminds them of their favorite person
  • Something that reminds them of their favorite animal
  • Something that reminds them of their favorite place to visit
  • The nicest thing they did all weekend

And Here are the results:

Hood #1:

IMG_9075.JPGIMG_9084.JPGIMG_9085.JPGIMG_9090.JPG IMG_9091.JPGIMG_9095.JPG IMG_9094.JPG

His bed is his favorite spot; The color blue on the kitchen cupboard is his best; A dragon, for his best book, Eragon; My best perfume, I must be his favorite person; Another dragon for favorite animal; The beach is his obvious favorite place to visit; and his favorite thing this weekend was swimming.

Hood #2:


His favorite spot is the secret hide-out in the tree; For him, the best color is on the arch; A cloud reminds him of his favorite book, Peter Pan; A chameleon was a gift from his favorite person; A racing car, because his favorite animal is a cheetah; He got this hat at LegoLand; Reading a book was his best thing to do this weekend.

Hood #3:


Her bed is her favorite spot; The chair is her favorite pink. She chose an adventurous picture because her favorite books are adventurous ones, like: Milly Molly Mandy and Amelia-Jane!; Her favorite person works on the book table at Church; Her favorite animal is a horse; Her favorite place to visit would be visiting best friends; And the best thing this weekend was swimming, of course!

Shew that was fun! and we will definitely agree to do another run through this game with different things to scavenge…

If you did a scavenge then we would love you to let us know in the comments, link away and we will come and look at the results of your scavenger hunt.

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  1. Oh Marcia, these kids of ours and their mighty big hearts. Totally and absolutely everything to love!!!

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