Just a Note…

There will be absolutely no Tuesday Art Task until this pile of books is off my kitchen counter, taped, glued, repaired and back on the shelves where they belong…


That’s it – You will just have to wait! With all the other snippets of life on the “To Do List” it might just take all day… Really!

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  1. Last year I got a book from sonlight, but sadly when it arrived , the whole spine had come out of the cover and some of the pages are falling out. I cannot get it here. Could you recommend how to fix it?
    Thanks, T

  2. Waah! Some books are a lost cause – I try to get to them before the pages start to cascade… If the spine starts to come away then I glue it with cold glue and leave it overnight, then I put contact along the whole inside cover and first page and the whole inside cover and back page and the whole outer cover – Contact paper is your friend!!! And tape every loose page in… But if it has begun to cascade then it can be quite sad. I have had one or two books that just will not survive… Sometimes I resort to a many page clear flip file for these and just pop them in page by page.

  3. haha- I am glad to see that I’m not the only one who has to tape the books back together. Some of ours are more tape than book now. : ) Sometimes my repair pile towers as well. I still havent’ figured out how to repair the board books that the babies have taken a huge BITE out of though. I always think it is funny that you calls yours hoods- we call ours (6 so far… plus 3.5 grandkids) raptors!

  4. Hi K, I am laughing out loud at the raptors – I should have thought of that!!! I love board books, they seem to just get better and better since the ones I bought ten years ago at least. I limit myself to one big basket of them… that way when one gets totally eaten, and I am all for eating (horrors!) them… but babies eat everything they love and I want mine to love books! I don’t mind too much because it means a bit more space in the basket for a new one!

  5. Oh- I thought the same thing about hoods- I should have thought of that! Yes, I recently found a few thrift stores to buy fabulously immaculate replacement board books so now I am more open to considering them as "consumables" and some of the 10-15 year old ones may now officially retire.

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