Blog Awards… Thank You I Think!

Firstly a big thank-you to our readers for all the lovely comments you send us day after day after day – you are too kind. I can’t believe how many people read about us and that fact that you take the time to comment is just lovely!

And then a big thank-you to some of you who take the time to link to us and make the effort to send us blog awards!!! Oh dear what on earth do I do with these!!! I wish I had a gracious response or at least a wonderfully witty one!!! I have been dreading these since forever and now they are here!

Anyway here is my first and all time favorite no strings attached award. Thank-you to A Passion For Letter Writing, It arrived, I had to do nothing and it stayed!!!


Then there are those awards that require a bit more effort…

Thank-you for the Lemonade Award to Adventure of J and Prime, which is a blog about a homeschool mom and her two busy kids, and are the busy!


And thank-you for the “I Heart Your Blog” to Second Star on the Right and Straight on until Morning. A fun homeschool mom with three little ones age 5, 3, and 1.


Now, this is what daunts me about blog awards, they come with a bit of baggage called “rules.” And the last two awards both fall into this catagory… They usually ask you to nominate a couple of your favorite blogs to share the love… in fact they come with a list of rules:

  • 1) Add the logo of the award to your blog – done that!
  • 2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you – done that!
  • 3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs – read further!
  • 4) Add links to those blogs on your blogs Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs – read further!

I so admire my favorite bloggers and I feel like I am interrupting their “post-flow” with an award… I really feel awful about this. If you want to know who my favorite blogs are then have a look at my favorites I try and keep it to se7en and change it constantly… If I had to put a list of the 150+ blogs that I browse everyday then it might just overwhelm and lots of super special ones would get lost in the general “swash”

Here’s the thing: I have this funny rule, and yes there are exceptions to every rule… but generally speaking: “Generally, the way you feel about a person is the way they feel about you right back.” So I am extending this to you the blog readers… if you are reading and enjoying our blog then chances are we are doing the same right back. So here is my plan, first come first serve, if you would like to be tagged please help yourself to an award. Either a “Lemonade” or a “I Heart Your Blog” Award. Pop a link to your site in the comments. When awards run out I will close the comments! If you take the award and link back to us, that’s fine – what you must do is take the rules with you – I would hate to be the one to break the chain and would hate for them to linger here longer than is necessary! How’s that fair and square.

That’s it, my honest response to nerve wracking awards…

P. S. Let it be said – for all to hear: I will not respond to meme’s, little quizzes, big or little surveys. You may as well know that about the mother person! Even ignoring them is more effort than I want to spend on them! One of my best friends sent me one about six years ago… It is still sitting in depths of my inbox… Don’t do it guys!

4 Replies to “Blog Awards… Thank You I Think!”

  1. Hi GtbaG… I am trying ever so tactfully to say: “We would really rather go unrewarded. Thank-you very much!” But tact and charm escape me at this stage in the week … I am just gritting in there for the weekend!

  2. Hi JK, Thanks for the comment, you are so kind! Your award page is a brilliant idea – I have been looking for a gracious solution to this “problem” and there you have it in a nutshell!!! Well done you and have a great Week!

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