Celebration Week…

Well we seem to be having one big party this week lurching from event to event hopefully now we can settle down and finish out our week with a little dignity still in tact.

  • Firstly there was Earth Day and you really should take a round the world trip and look at this brilliant link… click on the pictures to see the cities lit up as usual or dark as unusual!
  • And then it was Van Gogh’s birthday on Monday so we had to celebrate that with cake and a bit of arting…



  • Then of course we had to survive April Fool’s Day and I got the kids with worksheets from Family Fun… They had forgotten what day it was and I just handed them out as we started school… the little guys settled into their endless maze and the big guys worked on their origami rocks! Of course I cracked up and the cat was out of the bag, so to speak… and then the silliness of the day took over and they revenged in full force: the next twelve hours were full of: “There’s a bug on your shoulder!” “There’s a hole in your trousers!” “There’s a man at the gate!” It never got better… all intense and screamed and hysterical laughing… blimey am I glad this only happens once a year!

That’s it… your Tuesday Art Task is on the way I am just waiting for it to dry so that we can take photographs…

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  1. It looks all of you have had a wonderful, fun week! Great pictures. I really like the art party idea. Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Hi K, thanks for commenting, we have been rather overdoing the fun – can there be such a thing!!! Anyway you have a great weekend as well!

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