This Week (27 April) at Se7en?

This is yet another week of great things to celebrate and we, here at Se7en, have the following significant days lined up on the calendar…

26 April – John James Audubon’s birthday (1785):

I should have mentioned last week that 26 April is John James Audubon’s birthday and here are a couple of links if you want to step back a day:

27 April – Freedom Day:

This is the day we remember the first Democratic Elections here in South Africa, that took place in 1994.

28 April – Thor Heyerdahl Kon Tiki (1947):

Thor Heyerdahl began his journey, on this day, from South America to the Polynesian Islands in a raft… It is a great tale of adventure and exploration:

28 April – Poetry Reading Day:

Thursday 30 April: Grannies Birthday!!!

1 May – May Day:

2 May: Space Day:

3 May – Astronomy Day:

And since we change over to May this week here are the May Calendars: