This Week (11 May) at se7en…

Let’s start with the May Calendars:


And these are the days we will be looking at this week:

11 May: Children’s Book Week

11 May: Salvidor Dali’s Birthday

11 May: Edward Lear’s Birthday (1812)


12 May: Kite Day


12 May: Florence Nightingale’s Birthday (1820)

13 May: Tulip Day

14 May: Lewis and Clark Expedition Launched

14 May: Thomas Gainsborough (artist) born, 1727

14 May: First U.S. Space Station

15 May: L.F.Baum’s Birthday (1856)


Amazing Moms has a Wizard of Oz party!

Classroom activities from

Coloring pages from DLTK

Craft Ideas from DLTK

Family Crafts has a list of activities.

Penguin reader fact sheets and classroom worksheets.

L. Frank Baum biography.

That’s It! – Hope You All Have a Great Week…