Happy Birthday Hood #2 and an Interview.

I hope we have many more wild and wacky years with you…


You were the inventor of the teeny-tiny “outback phone” and I know that apple stole your idea and called it the i-phone. Would you like to tell us about your invention?

  • This phone could access the internet and send emails, sms’s, contact other computers and phone. You could watch movies, listen to music and take pictures with it.


You invent a lot of goodies and gadgets, could you tell us where you find your inspiration.

  • Actually most of my inventions are improvements and adaptions to things that already exist.


You are a night owl do you think this is an attribute of a great inventor?

  • Yes, it gives you lots of time to think in P&Q. (That’s peace and quiet!)


When you start implementing your inventions will you be looking for staff or will siblings do for the job?

  • I will use siblings, they are more cost effective!


If you could invent and build an invention right out of your head right now what would it be?

  • I am working on a super-computer: super-fast web access, a built in projector… and really really compact.


What is a good food to keep inventors going:

  • Energy food like chocolate and so definitely hot chocolate. Actually, inventors survive on Coke but my mother wouldn’t allow it.


Do you think you will always be an inventor?

  • Oh yes, once an inventor always an inventor.


Thank-you so much for your time I hope 10 is a fabulous year for you and that you get to read a bazillion more books than you did when you were 9!


8 Replies to “Happy Birthday Hood #2 and an Interview.”

  1. WOW! Hood #2 is so divine. I love the pictures of him which remind me of times we’ve been together. I’ve always known he was brilliant and his inventions are going to make our world a better place. Hang in there and never stop thinking! Sorry about the coca-cola, but your mother is very cool 🙂 Love you always!

  2. Hay Aunty K, It was such fun looking back at photos of a little hood! It sure is birthday season here!!! He totally loved his card! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Hi H, Thanks for the birthday wishes! You forget how cute your kids were… thank goodness for a huge stash of electronic photographs! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

  4. i love the interview!!!

    I think the chocolate will have to fuel him; no coke (rots your teeth and you don’t want to waste time at the dentist when you could be inventing)

    OH MAN, they’re so cute when they’re little!

  5. Hay Marcia, Aren’t the little people photographs adorable!!! And I loved going back and reading the interview – nothing’s changed!!! Hope you all have a fun weekend!!!

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