Underwater Party in Se7en Steps…

I said I would post an underwater party this week, what with all the ocean related goodies that I posted in our weekly calendar. A while ago we had a yellow submarine party and it was a wild treasure hunt from start to finish.

Following the outline of se7en steps to a great party on our practical party page lets get going (If you need details on how to do something then follow the link for that particular step):

Step 1: Invitation: These invitations were quite easy to generate with a guy who was mad about yellow submarines.


We included a map of the “course” with the invitation to get the players excited about their looming underwater adventure.


Step 2: Party Starter: Everyone made their own submersible cupcakes, while they waited for all their friends to arrive. Let the guys smother icing on top their cupcakes, stick a piece of licorice into it for a periscope and you are done.


Step 3: Party Games: This party game was a big treasure hunt. Everyone had a ziplock bag and we gathered little treasures as we went traveling from undersea zone to zone: Through the fishing on the tropical lagoon, the coral reef, eating edible eels, shark tank, searching for shells on the shelly shelf, treasures on the sandy shores, winding through the kelp bed…


Step 4: Party Craft: The final item to collect was their cake box that we used to make undersea dioramas with all the goodies they had gathered on their route. We cut a whole in the lid and put some blue cellophane over the top to let the light in and we were good to go.



Step 5: Party Pinata: The pinata was a yellow submarine – of course!


Packed with tropical fish and party poppers, which make great kelp for undersea goodies!


Step 6: Party Food: The kids snacked on cupcakes and starfish cookies how easy are these to make! And a last minute “we must have jelly fish cookies” as well. And a yellow submarine cake, complete with some blue jelly ocean. We don’t get blue jelly over here but if you add blue food coloring to red jelly then you get a good purple ocean.



The cake is ice-cream (as usual – no baking!) placed in a couple of containers and turned out “to build.” Iced with cream we put food coloring into the cream and embellish with candy!!!


Step 7: Treasure Hunt: The whole party was a treasure hunt… They gathered up all sorts of things to use in their diorama: precious stones for rock pools, gritty sand for the bottom, sea shells, little fish and starfish, part poppers for seaweed and so on and so on! They got to take home their mimi-dioramas as their take home gift.

That’s it – quick and easy… Have Fun!

15 Replies to “Underwater Party in Se7en Steps…”

  1. that was a great party! Done some years ago, I guess? Was that Maria I saw in one of the pics? So sad thinking that our world is no longer graced by her smiling face and bubbling godliness. Also saw a certain boy around about the age when he was in my Grade 9/10 English and History classes – wow, I feel old around about now! And weird to think how inter-linked our lives are in terms of people, and yet we connect only in cyberspace! I love the Internet for closing gaps! 🙂

    Taryn’s last blog post..loads of learning!

  2. Hi T, Yup I was posting to go with the oceanographic theme this week… If #7 would stop teething for just one moment I would even post our craft!!! Yes that was our friend Maria – she never ever missed a party! And indeed that was a past student of yours! Small community we live in, in a big world! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi J, Indeed, nothing like some mad exploring to generate some fun! Thanks for commenting again!!! I hope you have a great weekend!

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