This Week (7 September) at Se7en…

Another September week with a whole lot of new days to celebrate. And here are September’s Calendars:

Last week someone asked me: “What was the point of Calendar posts?” and “How do we use them in our homeschool?” The point is (I often wonder myself, as I link away in the dead of night) I love surfing and finding links we can use for school: About famous people, celebrations and so on. So I though I would put all the links and resources into a calendar format. It is easy for me to hunt down great links I have found that way and eventually it will build up to a year round calendar. These are not part of our formal school, mostly, they are pretty much topics we will talk about over meals: “Today is so-and-so’s birthday,” or “Today they are celebrating some cool day in some far away place.” It’s all about exploring the wider world and gathering a bit of general knowledge.

Sometimes we are inspired to do more than just talk about about a specific event – I sense World Chocolate Day may be one of these! and when I include worksheets it is because I know we will be using this topic for school sometime and why go surfing twice. Basically our calendar post are lists of bookmarks and goodies that I would store in a folder on my laptop but since I am a blogger – I just pop it on our blog in case other people want to use it too. Also our kids read our blog and this is a good post that gives them something to do… rather than just look at themselves!!!

So here are this weeks links, have fun!!!

That’s it – Have a Great Week!

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  1. My oven is on the blink so for my 3 y.o’s bday i did ice-cream cake (my 1st one, exciting!). I first lined the bowl with slices of madeira dipped in jelly. then iced it as a soccor ball.

    And i also made that yummy marie biscuit thing with the cherries and mallows. Yum yum. Good call on just making one of those… I was nearly eating it all myself.

  2. mmmm
    yummy… i made some of those awesome chocolate brownies today! mmm they are delish! i am currently a whole bunch of people’s favourite person thans to them! 😉
    just wanted to say that i adapated the recipe a tad, i add the 200g dark chocolate as well as 150g of milk chocolate. Yup its indulgent, but oh so very yummy!
    thanks for the recipe!!
    how are you feeling? not long to go now!

  3. Hi L – I am so glad you liked them – they are very fabulous!!! And I always forget how people love them and then whip them up in a dash and remember all over again that I need to know no other recipe!!! So nice to hear from someone whose recipe worked well, I often hear of the flops and feel terrible about them!!! Yeah not long to go!!! You have a good week!!!

  4. Hi O – I am so glad to hear you tried and loved those yummy marie biscuit things – they are actually too good to be true!!! Hope you guys had a fun celebration and a whole fabulous year of being three!!!

  5. Hi S, So nice of you to stop by!!! Boy your house was clean on the weekend… I thought ours was good and ready but I may be a way off your standards!!! Otherwise my kids are very eager for the “Chocolate Milkshake Saturday” and great and elaborate plans are afoot with chocolate and cream and ice-cream… heaven on earth, I am keen with them!!! Hope you all have a fabulous week!

  6. Hi Se7en
    I would like to know how you manage with children’s hyperactivity after all the sweet treats. Not to mention their immunity system that goes down with all the sugar? And if I’m not mistaken, your husband is a diabetic? We allow our children only with their birthday parties (well by now it is 7 per year) to have sweet treats and every time, 24 hours after the party, Christo and I promise ourselves never again! It is much more difficult to discipline them, they are more irritable, they sleep worse and they almost always came down with flu. Do you have a secret, you would like to share?
    Waiting in anticipation for the arrival of Hood #8! May God bless that special time of giving birth!

  7. Hi L, Remember these are photos added to a post!!! WE did not bake that spread in a day, but rather spread over a year!!! Yup, the father person is indeed diabetic and he will get a taste of any baking when he gets home from work at the end of the day. Otherwise I don’t consciously avoid sugar, we just generally don’t. I guess it is a bit like holidays in the desert – every time you get to a river you take a photograph and every one thinks you have been on holiday in an oasis. Well every time our kids get a treat we blog it!!! We do bake a treat maybe once a week but shared between everyone it isn’t that big a deal. They very rarely get juice or soda because they just aren’t used to it and don’t really like it, half a glass and then they ask for water because they are thirsty. I think a bit of moderation is fine – I don’t want to make a big deal out of it because forbidden fruit is always so tasty! No special secret we just never ever go totally mad on it … Hope you all have a good week!

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