Sunday Snippet: The Sonlight | OneVerse project

If you follow our blog then you know that we are avid Sonlighters! This year Sonlight is working with the Seed Company’s OneVerse Program. The Seed Company is a subsidiary to Wycliffe Bible Translators and I have blogged all about them before. If you have a heart for Bible Translation then you will be interested in this project. We loved learning about Bible Translation with Wycliffe’s Ten Steps to Bible Translation and I think my kids will be wild to do something practical for Bible Translation.

Become a OneVerse Partner

Here is how the project works: Sonlight is inviting all folk to help them fund the translation of the New Testament for the Meetto People of Mozambique. And since Mozambique is a neighboring country to ours it makes the project all the more relevant. The cost for the OneVerse Project to translate a Bible verse from start to finish is $26. Sonlight is pledging $13.00 to every $13.00 we raise. You can read the FAQ details for the project here.

They say raise your $13.00 by collecting small change till December. Hello we live in Africa, it is going to be quite an achievement for our kids to raise $13.00 (about one hundred South African Rands). Especially in a culture where all your small change is used to tip folk who work in the gas station, parking attendants or whoever else is desperate – and there is a lot of desperate poverty here, you can’t miss it. I think there are whole people groups here that are relying on small change – especially since many of the street people are refugees and can not get work status.

So my kids are going to have to have a meeting and get creative. They have done it before and raised money for their Lesotho Baking Project, which they have continued with faithfully for a couple of months. I think they are up to raising $13.00 they just need to devise a plan – and I am happy to make a pot of tea while they plan!

You don’t have to be a Sonlighter to participate, anyone can join in. The project kicks off in a couple of weeks and we are definitely going to sign up. When you sign up you get an 8 week study course, which looks like its going to be fun and will certainly help to keep the project top of our minds. Because forgetting about it and leaving this project to the last minute could be disastrous, it sure is one of those projects where a little bit every week will add up slowly but surely. It is achievable!!!

So we are excited about this project, we will be signing up in the next couple of days. Go and check it out it looks like fun!

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  1. Hi there… There is a lot of planning going on, everyone is very excited!!! We are having very wintry weather and they are scheming to wash cars… Hopefully they will come up with an alternative plan – I will have to make more tea!!! Have a good day!

  2. Hi J, I think this is c=going to be fun, my kids are so into this sort of project and are talking, talking, talking about it!!!

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