Gloop or Brains in a Bag (Depending on Your Queeze Factor) in Se7en Steps…

Yes, we do live with a mad scientist who thinks concoctions are a way of life and blowing things up is just a natural extension of “all in a days work”!!! Needless to say he was the perfect candidate to demonstrate some gloop. This is really easy and you will find recipes for it all over the internet, only problem is it is a bit of “a trial and error” kind of a recipe and you have to adjust and mix around to get the consistency you are after.

So this is what you are aiming for: It is exactly like the silly putty we used to play with as kids. And YES it does look alarmingly like a bag of brains!!!


Let’s Meet the Players:


  • borax – I got this at the local chemist, I just had to ask for it.
  • white glue
  • warm water
  • food coloring
  • glitter – essential to any concoction!

Let’s Play The Game:


Step 1: Pour about half a cup of cold glue into a bowl.


Step 2: Add half a cup of water to your glue and stir away.


Step 3: Add the essential food coloring and glitter and stir some more.


Step 4: Add a tablespoon of borax to about a tablespoon of warm water. Stir and stir until it is pretty much dissolved.


Step 5: Poor your borax and water mixture into your glue concoction. Stir like crazy.


Step 6: There is your gloop!


Step 7: We popped ours into a ziplock bag so that you could squish it around.

After that he just messed around and performed some chemical mayhem and there was peace in the home for ages!!!


That was satisfying fun – for some!!! Enjoy it!!!

P.S. Borax is not a toy! In fact it is toxic so make sure you keep it away from tiny kidlets. When your older kids are finished playing with their gloop make sure they wash their hands.

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  1. This was quite a challenge, but after a few attempts and some patience, it came out perfect! Thank you!

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