Meet Me At Mikes a GiveAway Winner…

Last week we had a GiveAway in honor of Meet Me At Mikes 3 Year Birthday Celebration… And before I had blinked a whole heap of you had enetered, and I imagine that now a week later you are all chomping at the bit to know if you were a winner or not! Let’s take a quick look at the prizes again:



And, as for all our GiveAways, Hood #6 did the honors… She is three and as yet has no bias towards letters and numbers and doesn’t secretly read my blog on the side… So she has no preference or bias towards any of you either!!!

There are all the entries, written out and all in a row so to speak…


Then we cut them into strips:


And gathered them together:


And had a massive shake-up:


And finally a number was chosen:


Number eighty-se7enty-eleventy-hundred and three…


No really #19!!!


And #19 was:

Gracie // Nov 29, 2009 at 3:46 pm

Wow those books look interesting, please enter me! Cookbooks are my favorite!

So congratulations to Gracie and thank-you to all of you for entering and thank you to Meet Me At Mikes for an excuse for a GiveAway!!! Don’t worry we will have lots more GiveAways!!! And keep entering you may have better luck next time!!!


And just in case you think it takes two minutes to select a winner here is one of the ten million out takes: Just to give you something to chortle over, before our next GiveAway!!!

That’s us – Have a Fun Weekend!!!

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