The Year That Was – 2009…

Happy New Year to All of You from all of us…


It can be done a family photo – thanks to P.M.G. who said she she could do it and then she did!!!

We read a lot, wrote a lot, and drew a lot…


We read a lot, explored a lot, and invented a lot…


We read a lot, we pranced a lot, and sewed a lot…


We read a lot, we played a lot, and we built a lot…


We read a lot, we baked a lot, and we cooked a lot…


We read a lot, we hunted a lot, and we spoke a lot…


We read a lot, we grew a lot, and we did a lot…


Some of us arrived and gazed a lot, stretched a lot and did that wild arm thing a lot… and most likely he will grow a lot and read a lot!!!


Pretty much the same as last year and hopefully 2010 will be even more of the same for us!!!

Definitely time for a new tree:


That’s us – Have a great year!

17 Replies to “The Year That Was – 2009…”

  1. Loved the family picture. And the New Year’s leisurely breakfast. Thanks a million guys!!!

  2. Hi!!!! Great photo! You continue to amaze me with such a fab family, great blog, such clever and bright children and you still manage to look bright eyed through it all….

    Have a great 2010!
    Aisling at the bookstore

  3. a great family picture, and of course the others are also wonderful! keep up the reading; still my favourite thing to do after maaaaany years, too!!

  4. Hay Aisling at the bookstore!!! How cool of you to stop by and comment!!! We hope you and your little guy have a great 2010 together, lots of love from your Fan Club!!!

  5. Hay Aunty Muffin, We missed you yesterday… it is sizzling here – too hot to live or too windy to stand up!!! I am reading buckets in place of you!!! Lots of love to you all!!!

  6. Finally! Thank you for showing us what you look like 🙂 What a beautiful family picture – the kids are growing like weeds including Hood number 8. I’m sure he’s bigger than Kendra 🙂

  7. Hi M, Aaahh the invisible blogger who lurks behind the camera!!! Isn’t it funny how these kids grow regardless of what we do!!! I never weight my kids except when they are born… but I can say #8 at three months is very comfortable in 6-12 month clothes… but he was 4.7kg’s when he was born – hardly a little mite!!! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!!

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