Sunday Snippet: Read The Bible in 90 Days… A Challenge…

It is that time of year when folk get all excited about reading plans and lets face it if you are going to make a resolution then most of us would say… I would love to read my Bible more consistently or stick to a quiet time schedule… but by January 11 we have fallen off our well-intentioned tracks and by February we don’t even remember our intentions…

Now last year I published How to read the Bible in a Year with our kids… and I described how we read the Bible together at the table. But I wanted to raise the game a bit with my older guys and present a bit of a challenge to them and then I came across this:


I am so excited about it, a reading program to read through the whole Bible in 90 days… This program has chunks of the Bible to read everyday just as you would read any other book. I love the idea of teaching my kids to read the Bible like a book and what a gift to them to realize that it is a book to read not just a big book full of unrelated bits and pieces. I had done Bible notes for nearly my entire life, read a verse or two and read a blessed thought and move on to the next day, but I had never seen the whole picture or the entire story of the Bible until I was at Varsity. I only really considered the book value of the Bible when I started reading it in its entirety. One of the best ever written books with intrigue, mystery, crime, family feuds – really an epic we should all try to read.

90 days is also achievable – it is not forever, you can see the end in sight and if you miss a day or two don’t panic you can just keep on going. So we have printed our calendar schedule from here, it is up on the fridge and we are starting tomorrow.

We will read individually but I think it will help each of us to have a couple of us working on it, so that we can talk about what we have read and keep each other accountable. There is a fabulous website: The Bible in 90 Days, full of information and resources… I am sure I will dig deeper when I am looking for inspiration but right now I am keen to just get going with my guys and see if we can make it together…

Let us know what you think and if you want to join the challenge, all you need is to download the schedule and get going… If you are thinking about doing the challenge then please comment, we would love to have some company on our journey.

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  1. wow – God is amazing – i had a schedule to read the bible in a year -and fell off that wagon b/c it took way too long – this will be perfect, and i am so grateful you posted this information!!! i will definitely be doing this 🙂 thanks so much and may God bless you all year and always!

  2. Dearest Se7en – what a fab idea!
    Ok, but here’s the real reason for my comment! I have been reading you for a while now, enjoying every post and loving your pics … all the while tho, a little niggling thought that this is just too much. I mean, really, eight kids and then that post with Snickerdoodles being made in the dead of night?? So, thats was the final piece of evidence for me — you cannot be human. You are a machine, I am convinced! I am still patiently waiting to pop with #4 (any day now!!) and I cannot conceive of a day in your life – even if you do post up details for us!! Machine or on drugs …. this cannot be humanly possible!!!!!! 😉

  3. Hay E, Good stuf – Wonderful to know that someone will be playing along with us!!! I hope you enjoy reading your Bible from cover to cover – All the Best…

  4. Oh Mliss, I am so human you wouldn’t believe it!!! Full of foibles and failures, but like most of us I don’t really want to publish them for all the world to see!!! I am still trying to find a source for baby belly-button powder for you… See a machine would surely have got round to that by now!!! Well done for waiting patiently and I hope everything goes well with you new little one!!!

  5. Hay M, I finally got round to asking my mid-wife and it is totally official Weleda has indeed failed us. Apparently if you really don’t want to use surgical spirits you can just leave the naval and it will heal. I am the messenger, I am not advising here!!! Meanwhile you can still get it overseas, maybe you know someone traveling from the UK? I will be hanging on to my little bottle of magic wecisin powder for dear life now!!! All the best and sorry about this…

  6. Ok. I’m in. Starting today. My husband’s been wanting to do a bible marathon of sorts anyways. Now there’s accountability.

    Also, my daughter’s just started on the 100 days to reading. I have a question about that if you don’t mind. The ‘i’ sound. Maybe I’ve been saying it wrong my whole life, I s’pose now’s a good time to correct it! Is the sound in if & in the same as the sound in ship, this, sin& fin? Also the ‘r’ sound. I’m just using the sounds the way we speak it, hoping it doesn’t make too much difference and confuses her. Kids are smart. right? Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

    A shame about the belly-button powder. I was hoping to use it now with my fourth too. I’m a bit squeemish (I know, after 3 you’d think I’d be over it) so my hubby usually does the cleaning thing but I have to get everything ready because he runs a mile when I tear up the cotton-wool; he says it’s the worst sound- tho, I can’t even hear it!

  7. Hi O, again! we are going surprisingly well with our 90 days!!! Otherwise there is a pronunciation table near the beginning of the book but I have found it fine to be consistent with whatever we say. Sorry about the Wecesin – there is a huge demand for it!!! Take Care!!!

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