The Week That Was – 2.26 – Family Fun GiveAway Winner…

I could say I am caught up in hectic summer stuff, but truth be told I blame that Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I am totally gripped and on holiday after all!!!

But here come the winners from last weeks Family Fun GiveAway… As usual, the winner was carefully selected, by Hood #6, who has no bias or leaning towards letters or numbers and so no preference for any of you!!!


Firstly, from The Week That Was – 2.26, we needed a winner for this book:


And there were 12 eligible comments, so we took a pack of cards and sorted them… and then chose diamonds.


Then I whipped away the King so that we had a set of twelve cards – (Ace = #1, Jack = #11, Queen = #12).


Then she shuffled them around but I knew we had a problem because she only wanted to choose the “ladies”…


So she turned them all over, and some of us have organized minds – so she organized them too.


Then she quickly chose one:


And kept it secret!!!


But the fact that we had another GiveAway Winner to choose from kept her motivated…


Comment #5:

Sue // Dec 26, 2009 at 9:57 pm

Happy Christmas Se7en + 1 ! We’ve been swimming, celebrating 1st birthdays, playing with far-off cousins, staying up late and now we’re heading off for a week’s family break. Time to relax at last!!

Sue that’s you!!! Congratulations and keep on trying to all the rest of you, I have lots of GiveAways up my sleeve!!!

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