Se7en Dangling Dragonflies in Se7en Steps…

So after a particularly grueling gardening frenzy we came across some old irrigation pipes that we weren’t using anymore. And there was only one thing to do with them and that was to make a dangling dragonfly or se7en!!!


Let’s Meet The Players:


  • A pile of pipes, we had a couple of fat ones and a couple of thin ones.
  • A hammer and a nail to make holes in the pipes.
  • Soft florists wire and wire cutters – kitchen cutters work fine, but a boy has tools!!!
  • A couple of beads for eyes.
  • Cellophane, scissors and tape.

Let’s Play The Game:

  1. We used kitchen scissors to chop the thin pipes into feeler length bits.
  2. DSC_0349DSC_0350

  3. Then we hammered holes in the fat pipe. Two holes, one on each side, at the top for the feelers and two more further down to attach the wings.
  4. DSC_0341



  5. For this step you need a length of thin pipe, a bead and a piece of wire that is longer than the pipe when folded over double. Thread a bead along your folded wire. Thread the wire through the pipe. Then you thread the two bits of wire into one of the end holes on your large pipe. Do that again and you will have two feelers.
  6. DSC_0345DSC_0346DSC_0347

  7. Two make the wings use a long piece of wire folded over twist them once or twice and thread the wire through the lower hole in your big pipe.
  8. DSC_0358
  9. Now we needed to make them a bit prettier…
  10. DSC_0370DSC_0371DSC_0372

  11. We covered the wings with cellophane… wrap, stick, wrap, stick…
  12. DSC_0374DSC_0375

  13. One last hole half way down the pipe and a long wire threaded through it and now we can hang them up…
  14. DSC_0401DSC_0402DSC_0404DSC_0403

And you are done!!! Well some of them insisted they were flutes…


But I dare say the rest were happy to dangle in the garden…



Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun is the next post…

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  1. Hi Cheryl!!! I really liked your peg dragonflies I think their little bendy legs were the cutest!!! Hope you all have a fun week!!!

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