Se7en Say “Happy Birthday to the Crafty Crow…”

It has happened before and here we are again, one of our very favorite blogs, The Crafty Crow, has a birthday…


And our bird of the week became the crow:


And a mad scrabble of drawing before supper, not to mention a run on the beach… :


And were equipped to say:


We hope you enjoy your se7en crows:


With love from your friends at…


Head over there and say Happy Birthday Crafty Crow with us…

6 Replies to “Se7en Say “Happy Birthday to the Crafty Crow…””

  1. My heart has melted and I am in puddles…that is just the sweetest, nicest thing to do ever!!!!!!!!!! I love all of your crow drawings and the writing on the beach… well, I’m overcome with gratitude for such wonderful people like you in the world!!!! I’m not sure how crows give kisses and hugs but consider yourselves hugged and kissed from The Crafty Crow!

  2. Glad You Liked it Crafty Crow!!! Hope you have many more years of brilliant blogging up your sleeve!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

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